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HP ProLiant MicroServer for Dummies: Chapter 6 - 10 Benefits of this MicroServer Gen8 Solution


The HP Just Right IT solution including the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8, PS110 11n Wireless VPN Router, and PS1810-8G Switch offer SMB customers many specific benefits. In this blog, we will look at ten of these benefits.


  1. Data Consolidation

The HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 makes it possible for SMBs to put the company’s data together in one place, yet still making it available to anyone who needs it in any location on any device. This solution eases the burden of data, application, and resource sharing for everyone, which allows SMBs to focus on their work, instead of how to accomplish the work.


  1. Security

All businesses need to protect their data. The MicroServer Gen8, PS110 11n Router, and PS1810-8G Switch provide advanced features that make it incredibly easy to protect data while also offering more control by allowing businesses to define who can access the data and from where. When coupled with patch and security action automation, a server can greatly enhance security while also reducing the workload.


  1. Quiet

The MicroServer Gen8 only produces 21 dbA—about the same sound level as rustling leaves—which means users won’t even notice it is running unless they look at the lights. In addition, the associated switch and router are fanless, so users won’t hear them at all.


  1. Small footprint

The footprint of the MicroServer Gen8, PS110 11n Router, and PS1810-8G Switch is so incredibly small; it is smaller than many PCs! And, the innovative stacking design for the networking components provide a clean and elegant look.


  1. Integrated with HP Networking Devices

The PS110 11n Wireless VPN Router and PS1810-8G Switch are designed to integrate seamlessly with the ProLiant MicroServer Gen8. This integrated solution means less time spent putting a system together and more time spent actually doing something with it. The router and switch also come with the built-in HP ProLiant Server Management dashboard to make managing the server, router, and switch a lot easier and error free.


  1. Low Power Footprint

In contrast to many other systems, the ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 has an energy saving 150 or 200 watt power supply (depending on the region), which means less money spent in direct electrical costs to run the server. The PS110 11n Router and PS1810-8G Switch also offer energy efficient designs with the router supporting the WMM-Power Save mode for wireless and the switch supporting Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) along with other additional green features.


  1. Easy to Set up

HP Intelligent Provisioning software makes it possible to perform setup, updates, and configuration as needed without having to worry about the location of any CDs or DVDs. This means the server can better meet the businesses needs without a lot of hassle.


  1. Easy to manage

Management tasks can consume a lot of time when working with other solutions. However, this solution offers many features to make management tasks quicker and simpler. Easy to ready front-panel LEDs provide a quick, at-a-glance view of the system’s status while HP iLO, which comes with all ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 servers, helps to manage the server, router, and switch. In general, HP iLO4 provides four major levels of support required by the server solution: initial deployment, ongoing maintenance, service alerting, and remote support.


  1. Easy to Service

With the ProLiant MicroServer Gen8, no tools are needed to swap out one drive and put in another; you simply open the front bezel door to access the drives. Should one require access to the inside of the unit? (to add memory or perform other maintenance tasks) The system is designed to be tool-less so no time is wasted searching for the right tool. 


  1. Access to Superior HP Support

HP provides users with a significant level of support that reduces costs and makes it easier to perform any required tasks. These support options come in two forms: HP Insight Online and HP Direct Connect.


We hope you have enjoyed our Friday HP ProLiant MicroServer for Dummies blog series. If you haven’t already, download the eBook here and be sure to join our Coffee Coaching communities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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