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HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft


HP VirtualSystem for Microsoft is an integrated solution that is optimized for key workloads and scales seamlessly while being open with an on-ramp to the Cloud. There is optimization and flexibility at every level, including choice of physical infrastructure, hypervisor, HP or partner Cloud software, virtual cloud maps, and reference architectures. HP and Microsoft understand that customers will evolve to the cloud model at different speeds. Customers on the earlier stages of the model will first focus on standardization, consolidation, and virtualization, while those on the latter stages understand and leverage the full vision of the cloud and the possibility to broker services across many different deliver models. To break through the integration challenges of virtualization and accelerate their journey to the cloud, HP and Microsoft deliver HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft.


More than a virtualization 
platform—a foundation for 
the private cloud


Based on joint expertise in virtualization and private cloud, the HP VirtualSystem for Microsoft is a turnkey solution built to align with Microsoft’s Private Cloud Fast Track Specification. Customers can order this solution along with Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012 SP1, and HP Factory Express, as an on-site implementation service to quickly build and integrate the complete solution. This HP support service ensures that the solution can be fully installed, configured, and integrated into the existing environment, with minimal effort from IT staff.





Three key elements make up HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft the ideal platform for any customer’s journey from virtualization to a Microsoft-based private cloud solution. The first major element is the Microsoft software stack, comprised of Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012. Windows Server 2012is truly a Cloud OS with the memory, storage, and live migration scalability required to support the largest workloads in a virtualized fashion. To manage the large environments that can be built with Windows Server 2012, Microsoft provides a complete virtualization and private cloud management solution in the form of System Center 2012 SP1. This software is an integrated management platform that helps users easily and efficiently manage their datacenter, client devices, and hybrid cloud IT environments.


The second element is the HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft itself. Built on HP’s Converged Infrastructure, this platform is optimized for cloud deployments and we feel it is the industry’s best platform for supporting the Microsoft Private Cloud. The third major element that makes up HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft is HP’s Insight Control for Microsoft System Center. Insight Control for System Center provides a number of management packs that bring native manageability of HP hardware to the Microsoft System Center environment.


HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft has flexible configuration options while still meeting or exceeding the requirements of the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track specification. Single or multiple rack configurations are available depending on the compute, memory, and storage requirements for the virtual machine environment.


To learn more about HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft, Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012 SP1, or Insight Control for Microsoft System Center, be sure to join the Coffee Coaching community by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn


*Bonus: HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft Brochure

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