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HP iLO: The IT Administrator Found in Every ProLiant Server


HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) is the core foundation and intelligence of all HP ProLiant Servers. HP iLO functions out-of-the-box without additional software installation, regardless of the servers’ state of operation. HP iLO can also be accessed from any location via a web browser or the iLO mobile app to manage one or many servers.


With HP iLO, your customers can:




Now, let’s take a closer look at the latest version, HP iLO 4 v2.00, and how it specifically benefits your customers.


Discovery and management at scale via iLO Groups

Built-in iLO Federation Discovery uniquely recognizes numerous servers at once via multicast discovery methods supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 environment providing the following information: query and display, group health status, group configurations, server name registration


Coffee Coaching bonus: learn more about HP iLO Federation from our Coffee Coaching session, “Introducing HP iLO Federation Technology


Simple, remote, secure, and extensible modern intelligent manageability interface and lightweight data model specification

HP RESTful API provides industry recognized architectural style, for server standardized interaction to configure at scale using HTTPS web protocol


Additional user utilization or storage space

HP ProLiant Gen9 servers with a 4GB iLO NAND allow you to use 1GB non-volatile flash memory partition as if it was an SD-card attached to the server; accessible through the server operating system when Embedded User Partition is enabled


Gracefully turn the server on or off

The iLO Reboot Switch allows customers to Reset the iLO or HP ProLiant hardware via the UID button in the case where iLO may not be responding


Faster server troubleshooting and diagnostics

HP’s Pre-boot health summary gives provides a diagnostic screen through the server’s external monitor prior to powering on demonstrating: server data, iLO access information, firmware versions and critical Integrated Management Logs (IML)


Additional server monitoring through the iLO GUI

New Agentless Management data is now visible:

  • External storage attached to the Smart Array: Provides Health Status and serial number
  • Gen9 HP Branded HBA storage support: Provides Health Status, model, serial number, and firmware version
  • Monitors status of Smart Storage Battery: Provides Model, serial number, and capacity
  • Smart Cache: Provides and monitors health status


Remote server management capabilities anytime, anywhere with internet connection

The iLO Integrated Remote Console is a graphical remote console that turns a supported browser into a virtual desktop, allowing full control over the display, keyboard, and mouse of the host server


Deploy servers remotely reducing travel cost

iLO Virtual Media enables a user to use the Virtual Media feature on the host system


Better remote and security management capabilities

iLO Licensing (iLO Advanced, iLO Advanced for BladeSystem, iLO Scale-Out, iLO Essentials) provides additional functionality and capabilities to your system, and some extra support features to manage your server from your mobile device when using iLO Mobile App.


Want to know more about HP iLO4?  Check out Coffee Coaching’s HP iLO University Series, then, be sure to join our communities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more HP and Microsoft SMB IT updates!

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