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HP wins SAP “Best Customer COE of the Year” award. Find out why you are the real winner.


By Hans-Ulrich Schaller


I do find a lot of the award-giving that goes back and forth between IT companies to be a bit much sometimes. Not that the awards are not indicative of a level of excellence.  They all recognize above-average achievement. But there are so many that customers can rightly wonder if any are really meaningful. Well, here’s one that is:  the “Best Customer Center of Excellence (COE)” award given to HP for 2014.  

If you’re curious about exactly what the award means to you, please make it a point to attend the session on this topic at SAPPHIRE ASUG:

As an added bonus, the session will also address how you benefit from HP’s recent “SAP HANA with Advanced Customer Center of Excellence (ACCOE)” certification.



HP and SAP: A multilevel relationship
HP and SAP are each other’s customers. They are also long-term alliance partners who work very closely together to ensure that the combined solutions they offer will perform exceptionally well. Customers can then buy these solutions with confidence, knowing that they have been proven their ability to deliver results. HP won the Center of Excellence awards as an SAP customer because we were able to showcase excellence in support operations, information management and innovation in our own installation of SAP.  

HP was also awarded Advanced Customer Center of Expertise certification. ACCOE is a premium certification achieved by only those SAP Customers who are able to demonstrate enhanced IT maturity along with established quality and continuous improvement processes.  The accreditation recognizes the highest level of maturity from SAP for any IT organization in place. Significantly, HP is the first high tech organization to achieve this certification.

From SAP customer to SAP partner – making you a winner
When HP partners with SAP to deliver solutions to our mutual customers, we take everything we have learned and developed as an SAP user/customer and apply it to each customer engagement. This allows you to leverage HP’s best practices, tools, processes, knowledge and expertise to being building a center of excellence of your own.  

Additionally, HP’s Advanced Customer Center of Expertise certification also brings you the benefits in terms of “lessons learned.” You receive and implement a joint HP – SAP solution that features:

  • Continuous service improvement and improved service levels
  • Shorter build and release cycles, resulting in faster go to market
  • Matured and robust processes that translate  into less unplanned interruptions PLUS greater business value
  • Increased focus on innovation/new solutions rather than support operations

See COE results on display at SAPPHIRE/ASUG
SAPPHIRE ASUG will offer you an excellent opportunity to learn more about HP’s COE award and status. You’ll get the details on the key success factors and lessons learned.  You’ll also find out how HP leverages all of these elements to the joint HP – SAP solutions available to you.

More information about SAPPHIRE ASUG is available at the event site.  Also, please check out the other HP sessions on the agenda for Thursday, May 7 at SAPPHIRE:

A list of all HP sessions at SAPPHIRE is available here.

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Hans-Ulrich Schaller is the Global SAP Marketing lead in the HP Corporate Strategic Alliances team. This position is the latest in Hans-Ulrich’s 20-year global involvement with SAP. Throughout, he has demonstrated an impressive ability to make ideas happen, while creating outstanding and workable solutions for the global business-to-business marketplace. As a reference, he drove the global HP GTM for SAP HANA, making HP being first in the marketplace, while offering a globally consistent appliance experience. Hans-Ulrich holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Tuebingen (Germany) and a Doctorate in Science from the same institution.

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