HPE, A Pioneer in Composability, Partners with VMware and Pensando on Project Monterey

Guest Blogger:  Javier Dominguez

In 2015, HPE introduced the market to a revolutionary new category of technology called Composable Infrastructure, providing flexible infrastructure management through software defined computing.

Since then, HPE has released innovative composable solutions in market helping over 5,000+ customers deploy their common applications on a flexible infrastructure. Additionally, HPE developed a pivotal partnership with Distributed Services Card innovator, Pensando to deliver on their promise of bringing the first-of-its-kind solution that provides future-proof services on industry leading HPE servers, available in the market today. HPE servers enabled with the Pensando Distributed Services Platform (DSP) are now delivering always-on datacenter protection, telemetry, and observability to the server where data is located—bringing cloud-like capabilities to enterprise customers.

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Today, HPE and Pensando deliver distributed network and security services and we are proud to continue on this journey with VMware and their announcement of Project Monterrey, to reimagine customer experiences for the future, thriving in a world that is edge-centric, cloud enabled and data-driven through composability. Project Monterey is the next generation on VMware Cloud Foundation, enabling the services to be run on SmartNIC platforms, HPE and Pensando partnership provides a scalable solution for deployment with security, extending the Composable infrastructure technology to create a more agile, cost-effective data center.

Getting better outcomes from more data

In a recent Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategy (IOCS) survey, 43% of customers responded they would target composable as a stepping stone toward programmable infrastructure1. Customers have also consistently stated that they seek an automated infrastructure model that can scale freely at cloud-like speed, and offer a singular architecture for multiple workloads.

In order to get the most from data, companies need first to have visibility into their data flows. Since data normally traverses across various network and security appliances within the datacenter, this creates bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Composable architectures will continue to increase in relevance as they are the best suited to securely scale with the needs of new data intensive workloads. 

Extending the Composability Vision

This year, HPE has enabled a wide range of servers with Pensando technology. The world’s most secure industry standard servers, with HPE silicon root of trust, are now enabled to also deliver a secure experience that extends from the datacenter to the public cloud. Taken together with Pensando’s network visibility and telemetry capabilities, enterprises can create an even more secure solution via a secure gap that separates the network activity from the server resources.

With HPE, customers get added flexibility and have the option to get these systems delivered in an aaS model through HPE GreenLake.

Today’s announcement is taking this shared vision a step further by collaborating with VMware to extend the impact of securing data with better scalability, improved uptime and even better customer TCO.

“We are excited to be working closely with VMware to deliver Project Monterey” said Soni Jiandani, CBO Pensando Systems.  “The Pensando Distributed Services Platform is a programmable, scalable, low latency, highly secure platform that is key to simplifying data center operations and the delivery of next generation applications.  Our existing partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise means that customers can order truly integrated Distributed Services Platforms based on the industry-leading servers and backed by single-call HPE hardware and software support, all with a single purchase order.  This vastly simplifies the purchase process making it easier than ever for existing businesses to transform their current infrastructure into a cloud-like environment and start the journey to next generation application infrastructure today.” - Soni Jiandani, Chief Business Officer, Pensando Systems

This innovative approach will help offload compute cycles in a secure way by isolating the infrastructure from tenant workloads, accelerating on-demand services and lowering latency. These efficiencies and savings will allow customers to utilize their critical IT infrastructure more efficiently to better support line of business applications.

Read the Project Monterey press release:.

The latest collaboration in a powerful partnership

For almost two decades, HPE and VMware have been partnering to deliver innovative joint solutions to our shared 200,000+ customers and over half a million VMware licenses. Our collaboration has created the industry’s most complete portfolio of jointly engineered and certified solutions to revolutionize IT economics and speed application delivery for virtualized and hybrid cloud environments. This new cooperative focus on composability will allow HPE, Pensando and VMware to jointly enable our customers’ success in an increasingly digitally transformed world.

Learn more about the HPE and VMware partnership

HPE has a number of solutions to help organizations bridge to new ways of working, and accelerate transformation by bringing the cloud experience to all apps and data, and doing so using an as-a-service model that preserves capital. You can read more on the impressive capabilities and benefits HPE delivers for your VMware environment on the HPE and VMware partner page and on the VMworld 2020 microsite.

1 Source: 2019 Gartner IOCS Conference Polling results | ID: 386988_C

Javier Dominguez is a Director with HPE’s  Compute Business Unit based in Houston, Texas. He has 20+ years of Javier Dominguez.jpgexperience in Strategy and Planning with 18 years dedicated to the Information Technology industry, where he has held several positions focused mainly on enabling HPE’s customer facing organizations.  In his role, Javier leads the BU’s global Go-To-Market and Enablement efforts across Compute Workload solutions and platform offers.  Javier holds a BS on Systems and Industrial Engineering.


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