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Organisations have embraced mobility, cloud, and agile processes to innovate and leapfrog the competition. But many will fall further behind or just croak because their businesses are built on out-of-date IT. Fortunately, the innovation behind the HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen 10 server with the ground-breaking AMD EPYC processor is shaking up the market and making waves across industries and business areas, and delivering increased value to clients through security, productivity and performance at the same time! With more cores per CPU socket and increased memory bandwidth, the HPE DL325 offers two-socket performance in a one-socket 1U rack profile. It’s like a burst of adrenalin for your business! Let’s dive into some real use cases where organisations have experienced the tremendous difference HPE and AMD have made to their IT processes and businesses as a whole. 

Hybrid Cloud Scalability and Virtualisation without Limits

Comarch is one of the largest providers of IT services in Poland and Europe. Its customers provide a wide range of solutions from financial services, multimedia consumer services, telecommunications, and enterprise solutions. By partnering with HPE and building out infrastructure based on the AMD powered DL325 and DL385 ProLiant Gen 10 solutions, Comarch can offer increased performance, efficiency, and lower costs to help power their customers’ innovation and growth. The scalability of HPE’s fast, flexible, and secure solutions has proven itself capable of handling the large bursts of data and processing demands that Comarch’s customers require. 

Solutions from HPE and AMD greatly accelerate Big Data analytics workloads, enhance security, and improve the overall cost model for Comarch’s ecosystem. Both the DL325 and DL385 offer twice the processing cores in half the space as competitive offerings, with built-in improvements for memory bandwidth and fast access to mass storage, reducing access times between the CPU and the drives by 25%. With up to 128 threads, 4TB of memory, and 24 NVMe drives per server, Comarch has the capacity they need to grow. 

Security Begins with your Infrastructure

According to a 451 Research report on IT security, growing enterprise security needs have turned organisations’ sights on the hardware itself. Specifically, security at the CPU and system-on-chip (SoC) layer is playing an even larger role in IT security. This report shows that hardware security spending encompasses almost 20% of IT security budgets, of which chip-level security is increasing in importance. Are you and your organisation putting enough effort in hardware-based security? Fortunately, both HPE and AMD—with AMD Secure Root of Trust and HPE's Silicon Root of Trust, HPE Trusted Platform Module, and more—can fill any voids, and without any real performance penalties. 

Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Efficiency

European IT provider myLoc offers managed services and cloud solutions with over 25,000 servers in six geographic locations. HPE servers with AMD EPYC has allowed them to design a new dedicated server product for their product line, based on the high number of cores and unmatched price and performance ratio. As a result, myLoc can easily handle unpredictable bursts in demand across a wide range of workloads. AMD EPYC-based servers have provided almost 10% improved performance with much lower cost and energy demands than competitive processors. The unmatched combination of economics and performance of the HPE DL325 has increased myLoc’s sales by 50%, helping to expand its market share. Moving forward, myLoc is using AMD-based DL325s to enhance its visualisation solutions to power future growth. 

Powering Hybrid Cloud and Virtualised Workloads

Cloud hosting provider keliweb has not only seen performance and reliability increases from its deployment of HPE DL325 servers, its customers also experience the benefits in terms of lower costs and greater uptime overall. Overall, the HPE DL325 has delivered benchmark-beating performance at a 25% cost reduction, while lowering the cost per virtual machine by 27% versus the competition. AMD-based HPE DL325 servers optimise VM environments with a dense compute profile, which provides a viable platform for future cloud growth, meeting the challenges of cost, scalability and security at the same time. For keliweb and its customers, the DL325 enables high customer service and scalability at a competitive price. 

Business Value: It’s All About Data

For data-driven enterprises looking to improve their ability to gather, analyse, and store large volumes of data, the HPE DL325 is the best answer when it comes to Big Data analytics using Hortonworks Data Platform. The HPE ProLiant DL325 redefines data centre economics for Hadoop with 17% better price/performance than a similarly configured 2P server, and is part of HPE’s Elastic Platform for Analytics (EPA). Its AMD EPYC processor provides the highest core count in an x86 processor, with the largest memory capacity, the most memory bandwidth and the greatest I/O density to optimise Hadoop performance. 

Experience the Power and Value of HPE DL325

Restore your business innovation and reputation by upgrading your data centre with AMD-based HPE servers. Learn more about how HPE is setting the bar for single socket virtualisation performance with the HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10, enabling low-cost, high performance hyper converged infrastructure solutions. HPE and AMD also deliver premium security for enterprise, software defined storage, and data intensive applications, modestly labelled as the world’s most secure industry standard servers. 

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