HPE Flex Solutions: The Truth Will Set You Free

2017-06-05 FlexSolutions guest blog- the truth will set you free.jpgThey say the truth will set you free, but finding out the truth can be hard—especially if you still have data coming into your business from multiple sources and going into multiple databases. For example, the CRM system can give you the truth about customer data, your supply chain system can give you the truth about shipping and receiving, and your web store can give you the truth about orders and transactions. But what if you need combined insights from all these separate systems and a single source of the truth for all of your organization’s interrelated activities? 

If you’re ready for the whole truth, you’re ready for a data warehouse (DW). HPE Flex Solutions for DW with Microsoft® SQL Server® provide a central repository for data coming in from multiple sources, meaning that each operational system can rely on data from any of the others. The web store can now leverage customer data from the CRM system for order information, and cross-check that with data from the supply chain system for order fulfillment status.

By providing a single source of the truth, HPE Flex Solutions for DW with Microsoft SQL Server give you a company-wide, consistent data model that helps converge data and restructure and transform it so it’s more meaningful for users. It also optimizes the data for reporting without impacting system performance.

Even better, HPE Flex Solutions come as complete solutions bundles, tested and validated with Microsoft SQL Server. Based on HPE ProLiant servers powered by Intel®, they include the storage, software, networking, and services you need to get up and running with SQL Server right away. And if you’d like to bring online transaction processing (OLTP) in-house or leverage advanced business intelligence (BI) for a complete, data-driven solution, you can unlock these SQL Server capabilities on HPE Flex Solutions as well.

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