HPE Flex Solutions for Microsoft Exchange 2013

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Flex Solutions are pre-engineered (yet flexible) end-to-end solutions. These bundled solutions give customers integrated technology packages that can be used to create their ideal IT solution at an affordable price. HPE and Microsoft® partner together in a number of solutions which are specifically built to address the needs of SMBs. While our previous blog covered the general benefits of HPE Flex Solutions (for customers and partners), today, we will explore Flex Solutions for Microsoft Exchange™ 2013 and the advantages they can bring to SMBs.


When customers hear “Exchange”, the first thing that typically comes to mind is “email tool”. However, Exchange is a lot more than that! It is actually a centralized messaging service that provides email, scheduling, custom collaboration tools, and messaging service applications. So how does this help your SMB? There are many ways.


Features such as mobility integration allow employees to be more productive. For example, through Exchange, an employee can update a meeting, an email, or an appointment on one device, and it instantly updates on all the other devices including notebooks and PCs. This feature, along with many others, allow SMBs to manage increased volumes of communication with multiple devices.


In addition, Exchange can be customized by integrating Web-based apps for Outlook and Outlook Web App. With single sign-on for multiple apps, SMBs can reduce complexity while getting secure authorized access for each approved application.


By archiving large mailboxes and retention policies, Exchange helps customers keep their important data all together in one location. Customers are empowered with large mailboxes which gives them the flexibility to retain email in their primary mailbox, while also ensuring data protection backups are in place. This decreases the amount of time SMBs spend on management, but allows them to still maintain control. Powerful capabilities including data loss prevention (DLP) mailboxes can easily be managed from Exchange administration center, a single, easy-to-use, web-based administration interface.


Partnering together, HPE and Microsoft have created Flex Solutions for Microsoft Exchange 2013. These scalable solutions include everything SMBs need to modernize their messaging infrastructure. Not only will they speed up the deployment and consolidation of Microsoft Exchange 2013, they will also help reduce security risks that mobility often brings. Best of all, these solution helps customers drive productivity and collaboration.


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