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While all businesses want to increase their productivity, increasing productivity can be a total game changer for small and midsized businesses (SMBs).  In this session of Coffee Coaching, Ildi Pomeroy, HPE Worldwide SMB Go-To-Market Channel Strategy Manager, tells you about HPE Flex Solutions with Microsoft® Lync® 2013 and how they can help businesses of all sizes increase their collaboration and productivity.


Over the past 10 years, collaboration in the workplace has evolved greatly. Businesses have gone from direct calling, to face-to-face conference rooms (which required travel), to video conferencing (which reduced travel), and now, today, SMBs can work from anywhere in the world without traveling, all thanks to improved technology! Businesses now communicate by so many different vehicles such as email, cell phones, IM, video conferencing, and screen sharing to name just a few. Some of the most popular and highly utilized collaboration tools we have today include SharePoint, Office 365, and of course, Lync 2013.

Microsoft Lync 2013 is a smart, secure, and most importantly, scalable communications platform. It includes a single, intuitive user interface across voice, conferencing, IM, file, and desktop sharing, which means SMBs and employees can meet with vendors across the globe, confer, and share files, all from the comfort of the office, without additional travel and communication costs. Through this collaboration, SMBs accelerate business growth by empowering employees and increasing productivity through the deployment of any device, at any time, and anywhere in the world.

So, what’s the value? What’s in it for SMBs and HPE reseller partners?

Simply put, partnering with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise will maximize business growth for SMBs. HPE Flex Solutions with Microsoft Lync 2013 help ensure that SMBs and their employees are empowered by providing them with a secure, integrated platform, that will streamline their communication and collaboration, resulting in an increase to their productivity and a cost savings (and who doesn’t want that?!) 

HPE offers a Flex Solution for Unified Communication and Collaboration which includes Microsoft Lync 2013. This predefined solution makes it easier for reseller partners to position the right solution and scale when needed. It includes everything that is needed to ensure the Unified Communication and Collaboration infrastructure can be deployed quickly and cost effectively and expand to meet the needs of a growing business. These predefined configurations are also flexible, allowing reseller partners and customers to choose the ideal solution for whatever the SMB requires.

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