HPE Guru Bar at SAP SAPPHIRE 2017: High on SAP expertise. Way low on cost

By Drew Iacone

How much would you pay for expertise that has the proven ability to help you define, implement, maintain and enhance the ideal SAP solution for your enterprise? Not just a good solution but THE perfect one that makes it so much easier to compete, thrive, and achieve your business goals.

Billable-quality expertise at a non-billable rate
No matter what your answer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise can deliver all that for less. In most cases, for exactly $0 – right at the Guru Bar, HPE Booth #456 at SAP SAPPHIRE 2107. We call it billable-quality expertise at a non-billable rate. Let me explain.

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 The depth of SAP expertise and experience at HPE is unmatched. We started building it with the first SAP applications back in the 1990s. We continue to add to it today with S/4 HANA. HPE expertise extends to all solutions that can make a business “run live” - In memory computing, big data, transactional/analytical, private cloud, IoT and more. Our experts also have an in-depth understanding of all the technologies needed to craft a superior solution – from servers to storage to switches to services. Most important, they know how to put all of that together to create exactly what you’ve been looking for. They have done it successfully for hundreds of customers. They’ll do it for you.

We’ll have over 25 Gurus at the Bar with more than 350 years of combined experience. If you’d like a sample of what they can deliver, check out the blogs that some of them have written for the event:

• Kate O’Neill: OVERwhelmed at SAPPHIRE? Talk to us. We’ll UNDERstand. – Helping you respond to large-scale business processing and real-time analytics challenges
• Juergen Sommer: Become part of the HPE Co-Innovation – How HPE works with you and SAP to create solutions that match your needs now and for tomorrow
• Jeff Kyle: The return of the Kraken to SAP SAPPHIRE 2017 – Supporting the next generation of in memory computing
• Peter Koslowksi: The HPE – SAP Alliance competitive edge continues to get sharper - Solutions that empower Edge to Core integration throughout the data-driven enterprise
• Mike Molaison: Putting technology at your service at SAP SAPPHIRE and beyond – How HPE Pointnext can simplify and accelerate your journey to S4 HANA

Stop by and talk 1:1 with them. It’s an excellent opportunity to get targeted advice that’s not available at any price anywhere else.

Non-billable but transferable
The Guru Bar at SAP SAPPHIRE isn’t the only place to get HPE’s billable quality expertise and advice at a non-billable rate. It is also included in our pre-sales activities for SAP solutions. So if you can’t come to us at SAPPHIRE, we’ll be happy to bring it directly to you.


HPE_SalesNEXT17_NewOrl_ST1_0440.jpgCosts the same to talk with me
I’ll be at the Guru Bar as well, but I’ll also be giving a number of presentations throughout the event:
• Theater session: Your Right Mix – Discover how Mission Critical Connections to your S/4 digital core influence your hybrid cloud deployment options. All sessions presented at HPE Booth #456

o Tuesday, May 16 – 3:30 pm
o Wednesday, May 17 – 2:30 pm
o Thursday, May 18 – 10:30 am

Your Edge | Your Core - HPE is bringing OT and IT together for you! - Wednesday May 17 - 4:30pm – Session ID: 44244. Location: Theater 2

Expertise unlimited
For information on all the HPE activities and events that put our expertise at your service at SAP SAPPHIRE 2017, go to our HPE Sapphire Now website:


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