HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System w/ Citrix Workspace Suite

An endless set of possibilities in the Modern Enterprise

As you may already be aware, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) – the former business unit of Hewlett-Packard Corporation designed to deliver enterprise-class solutions – has capitalized on our recently-gained autonomy by investing in aggressively to capitalize on our well-established dominance of data center computing to assertively pursue the rapidly growing hyperconverged solutions movement. Being that the emergence of the moniker ‘hyperconverged’ was closely-aligned with the blossoming of software-defined storage (SDS), a market HP helped create in 2008 with its software-driven Virtual SAN (VSA) product, it only made sense that HPE would quickly become a factor. After all, since many benefits of VSA closely align with the objectives of the hyperconverged user experience it was a simple strategy decision to make for HPE’s Converged Data Center business unit.

Fast forward to 2016, and the continued development of the VSA portfolio has matured into the current StoreVirtual VSA and HyperConverged 250 (HC 250) product families; the basis for HPE’s first hyperconverged solutions in 2015, with many more to follow closely behind in 2016 and beyond.

Last month in London at HPE’s Discover event, we announced the latest generation of the HC 250 solutions including pre-integrated versions with both VMware and Microsoft’s virtualization stacks included (if customers desire). Both offer various use cases ranging from delivering simplified, optimized virtual desktops (VDI) and mobile workspace solutions; to more mainstream server and application virtualization needs and even offer an ideal platform for variable cloud-in-a-box solutions.

The recently available HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) Standard, even has built-in Microsoft Azure software stack to allow customers to create their own self-service cloud environment – regardless whether on premises or publicly hosted. Capitalizing upon a long track records of innovation, the HC 250 for Microsoft CPS combines HPE’s industry-leading Proliant server technology with Microsoft Azure Pack’s services.

Thanks to tight partnerships between HPE, Microsoft and Citrix, many of the components we are building Reference Architectures with using the HC 250 were created with cross-compatibility in mind. Whether it be HPE OneView for Microsoft Systems Center, built-in Windows Azure services, or Citrix Workspace suite’s service templates for integration with Microsoft SCVMM to streamline deployment of virtual workspace (desktop/application) solutions.

This week at the Citrix Summit event in Las Vegas, we will be sharing more detailed info about exactly what HPE’s R&D teams have begun validating as we create several unique, workload-based Reference Architectures centering around the partnerships above. In leveraging the best of breed from all three – Microsoft, Citrix and HP Enterprise are seeing amazing potential. Listed below are some but definitely not all of the automation & collaborative optimization tools we are currently working with. If you would like to hear more & get more information on any of these topics, please take time to stop by our booth (MGM Grand in Booth #301).

  • HPE HC-250 OneView InstantOn turnkey platform builds
  • HPE StoreVirtual (VSA) HyperConverged software-defined storage  
  • HPE OneView for Microsoft Systems Center & SCVMM Single Management & Operations GUI
  • Microsoft System Center / Azure Pack (Microsoft Hyper-V & Clustering)
  • Citrix Workspace Suite Single Management XenApp & XenMobile                                        
  • Citrix Service Templates Single Touch Infrastructure Automation   
  • Citrix PVS Provisioning Integration Pack with Azure Stack  
  • Citrix PVS Gallery & Run Books Standard Templates
  • Citrix XenMobile ShareFile Storage Container Integration
  • Citrix Netscaler Application Services

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