HPE + Microsoft deliver unique hybrid data center platforms

Today’s world is hybrid with workloads shifting from the data center to the cloud and Hybrid IT isn’t only for large enterprise businesses. While you may have SMB customers who already understand the value a hybrid cloud solution can provide you probably have customers who are not familiar with this approach, or how it could benefit their SMB.

As organizations grow, they may start looking for ways to extend some of their applications into the cloud. But, not everything belongs in the cloud… so they will usually need to keep some applications and data on-premises for more security and control. A hybrid IT approach allows them to do just that, utilize on-premises IT and the cloud.

In the future, those same organizations may also extend their cloud usage by enabling on-premises applications to take advantage of cloud innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things. Or, they may decide to leverage Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to augment their server with the knowledge, detection capabilities, and best practice recommendation of Microsoft Azure’s security response team.

Windows Server 2019.jpg Windows Server 2019, along with the freely downloadable Windows Admin Center (WAC) management tool, is Microsoft's first server operating system (OS) to fully embrace the hybrid data center and cloud utilizing a combination of new in-box features, nimble add-on components, and Azure services which are designed to leverage all of the best advantages of edge computing with Azure capacity.

To fully embrace the hybrid data center, customers have many great server options in the HPE ProLiant Gen10 server family. HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers are not only the world’s most secure industry standard servers, but they also offer new levels of agility and economic control for hybrid IT. And, they are optimized and certified with Windows Server 2019, with Azure integration including hybrid management capabilities via Windows Admin Center, built in Azure Active Directory integration, a large choice of other Azure services, and OS integrated Storage Migration Services to complement the package.

For customers looking to define their right mix of hybrid infrastructure with on-premises and cloud solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft are here to help deliver the experience of cloud with the security an ease of managing on-premises IT.


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