HPE Nimble Storage and SAP HANA: put this powerful combination to work for you

By Chris Kinzler 

You’re making the move to SAP HANA. And you’ve got a long list of “to do’s.” You might be thinking "SAP HANA is an in memory database. Do I need storage?’" ... and therefore looking at storage in your new environment has fallen low on your priority list.  

You must think of two other questions when determining your need for storage:

  1. Do you want/need your data even if there is a server or datacenter outage?
  2. Do you need to meet the SAP HANA performance KPI’s for a TDI deployment?

 A “yes” answer to these two means a “yes” about the importance of storage to the success of your transition to SAP HANA.  

What’s that you say? You have one more question? Well, if it’s about which storage array you should choose, we have the answer for that as well: HPE Nimble Storage

An excellent choice … no question about it  

m, w smiling at table.jpgHPE Nimble Storage arrays are ideal for meeting the demanding needs of SAP HANA, whether your deployment is in a development or test environment.  One reason why? HPE Nimble Storage exceed all certification requirements for SAP HANA. And HPE Nimble Storage models AF40, AF60, AF80, HF20, HF40, and HF60 are certified as enterprise storage for SAP HANA TDI. For a comprehensive look at how and why these models deliver such outstanding performance, check out the blog titled “A Look Under the Hood of the HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays” by HPE Storage Solutions Engineer, Rheid Schloss. 

Here are a few other reason that make HPE Nimble Storage such an excellent choice for SAP HANA:  

  • Availability: When SAP HANA is running your business, availability is crucial for mission-critical platforms. The HPE Nimble Storage system high-availability architecture offers 99.9999% guaranteed uptime as proven by HPE InfoSight.
  • Artificial intelligence: HPE InfoSight enables the shift toward an autonomous infrastructure that predicts and prevents problems before they affect your SAP environment. It provides a support experience you can actually rely on.
  • Simplification: HPE Nimble Storage is easy to configure, deploy, and manage.
  • HPE Store More Guarantee: Low capacity overhead and powerful data reduction deliver up to 20% more effective capacity.
  • Cloud readiness: Experience Hybrid IT by moving data between the public cloud and your data center with HPE Cloud Volumes.
  • Off-site replication: HPE Nimble Storage supports asynchronous replication from your primary array to an off-site array, ensuring your data is always available.
  • Data protection: Application-consistent, efficient snapshots and replication offer disaster recovery to another HPE Nimble Storage array. This lowers recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives and improves development and testing. Leverage HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug‑in for SAP HANA for regular backups to StoreOnce data protection backup appliances. 


Summary: it’s a question of confidence

HPE Nimble Storage arrays are an industry-leading intelligent storage offering, delivering performance, scale, and efficiencies for SAP HANA. HPE extensively tests all arrays with SAP HANA in labs. This means the arrays are certified for SAP HANA at launch, which gives you the confidence that HPE Nimble Storage arrays are capable of tackling your most demanding SAP HANA storage infrastructure needs. 

CKWork.jpgChris Kinzler is the WW Technical Marketing Solutions SAP Product Manager for HPE. He has been in the storage industry for around 15 years and has worked at HPE for three years. Chris manages bringing enablement programs to market, and is the product management lead in the storage division for SAP.

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