HPE Right Mix Advisor: the perfect recipe for hybrid cloud success

Recipes exist for a very good reason: they have proven their ability to deliver the best possible results in whatever it is you are making – from a pineapple upside down cake to that specialized metallic teal paint you want for the hood of the ’53 Chevy Bel-Air you’re restoring. Make minor changes to the recipe and the results might not be as good. Ignore the recipe completely and you’re asking for big-time trouble. 

hpe-right-mix-feldman-mitchell.jpgAs the move to cloud has become more complex, many enterprises have found that moving forward without a plan could definitely lead to less than ideal results. That’s why HPE recently introduced a tested and perfected cloud “recipe”: the Right Mix Advisor, an industry-first offering that helps businesses develop their hybrid cloud strategies with confidence.




If you’re going to Microsoft Inspire, you’ll be able to see this Right Mix Advisor recipe in action for yourself:

  • Check out the Demo Showcase area at HPE Booth #2127. One area is dedicated to igniting innovation with hybrid cloud. There, you’ll see a demonstration of HPE Hybrid Cloud with ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, HPE Pointnext Services Hybrid cloud, GreenLake and Right Mix Advisor
  • Attend the HPE Microsoft Partner Panel and Luncheon on Wednesday, July 17 from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. at the Border Grill. This one-of-a-kind discussion features experts from HPE, Microsoft and other partners who will provide instructions on how to implement a successful cloud transformation strategy that includes Right Mic Advisor and that provides the choice, speed, and flexibility your customers need to create, innovate and thrive.

A recipe that’s customized for each occasion

Unlike most recipes, the instructions for creating the best cloud vary with each enterprise. We all now realize that putting everything into a public cloud doesn’t work for most companies.  But which workloads and applications are best suited to the public cloud and which are better kept in private clouds? And how should those workloads be migrated to achieve the right mix of hybrid cloud according to each business’s specific need? Those are the key questions that HPE Right Mix Advisor is designed to answer. 

HPE Right Mix Advisor is built on experience from over one thousand hybrid cloud engagements, best practices from Cloud Technology Partners and RedPixie, and automated discovery capabilities from iQuate. Millions of data points are quickly collected from the customer’s IT landscape, from CMDBs such as ServiceNow, and from external sources such as cloud vendor pricing models.

HPE experts work with your customer’s IT team to analyze the data using proprietary tooling and placement algorithms. The result is an objective, data-driven recommendation of the right workload placement strategy, a phased plan to get there, and the expertise to make it happen. And while the approach is comprehensive, the time it takes to come up with the final recipe is short. In a typical engagement, HPE delivers a concrete action plan within weeks, where previously businesses may have struggled for months with manual processes.  

Building the right hybrid cloud strategy also helps businesses:

  • Speed migrations from months to weeks
  • Reduce the risk of poorly executed migrations
  • Achieve up to 40% improvement in IT staff­ productivity
  • Realize 2–3X acceleration in continuous improvement cycles
  • Lower the TCO of IT by up to 40%
  • Control the cost of migration and properly forecast ongoing cost
  • Prevent cost overruns and ‘surprises’ once migrated
  • Invest with confidence by basing decisions on data

The Right Mix Advisor further contributes to enhanced efficiency and costs savings by:

  • Identifying apps that are no longer useful and can be retired. This can make up 20% of a company’s apps in a typical situation
  • Move to consumption model economics across all IT with HPE GreenLake

A recipe available from no one else

HPE Right Mix Advisor isn’t available from anyone but HPE. When you partner with us, this gives you a clear advantage in any competitive situation where a customer move to the cloud is involved. With HPE Right Mix Advisor, you can demonstrate that the chances of a successful migration are very high compared with other vendors who basically offer nothing more than guesswork. It’s a service that wins and keeps customers as they get to appreciate the benefits it delivers. 

For more information

HPE Right Mix Advisor is an integral component of HPE’s Composable Cloud strategy, which enables CIOs to deliver the speed, scale and economics of cloud across their entire business and IT landscape, using the blend of technologies that deliver the outcomes they need now and in the future. 

More information on HPE Right Mix Advisor is available here.

And remember to stop by HPE Booth 2127 at Microsoft Inspire to see exactly what HPE Right Mix Advisor delivers for you and your customers. 

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Marketing Manager, Cloud Advisory, HPE Pointnext Services
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Marketing Manager, Cloud Advisory, HPE Pointnext Services