HPE Storage for SAP HANA: So many choices. All of them right.

Guest Bloggers: Chris Kinzler and Anshul Nagori

In a competitive market, that statement is one you’d expect us to make. But it’s one we make with confidence, knowing the facts that stand behind it. 

We’ll be going into some depth about the choices and the facts at the HPE sessions at SAP TechED 2020.  HPE experts will also provicd information on the best ways to transform your SAP Experience in an edge-to-cloud world. We invite you to join us. Details at the end of this blog. 

our live booth theater session at the “SAPinsider Move to S/4HANA Digital event” that will be held from November 17 – 19.  The session is titled “Learn how HPE Storage tackles SAP Environments.”  

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You’ll find it’s a convenient way for you to acquire the information you need to help make an informed decision in one of the most important areas of your enterprise’s operations. You’ll also find that the event is only a week away, so we encourage you to register at your earliest convenience. Complete event information is available here.

Fact-full. Fiction-free.

Let’s start with the long-lasting nature of the facts, specifically that the HPE – SAP Alliance has been creating and providing top performing solutions to our mutual customers for over 30 years. If something were to go wrong, it’s had plenty of time to do it. Nothing has. We don’t expect anything will. So these are solutions that were jointly developed, tested and proven to deliver exactly the results you need and want. They are the best choices all around the board.

Which naturally brings us to fact #2. According to one of the most respected industry analysts, HPE has more SAP HANA deployments than the next three vendors combined. This means HPE is the #1 choice PLUS the safe choice for customers like you with mission critical environment - . … and that’s probably the most important fact/choice of all.

Fact #3 is more of a capability, but it is super-impressive nonetheless. Only HPE Storage is always on, always fast, and powered and protected by HPE InfoSight, the most advanced AI in the industry. What does that mean to you? Typically, InfoSight can detect and address over 85% of issues that could potentially impact your environment automatically, before you are even aware of them. So what is typically referred to as L1 and L2 support is fully automated AND addressed. There’s definitely something very right about that.   

More capabilities and facts?  Of course.

No discussion of Storage for SAP and SAP HANA would be complete without a discussion of the cloud. With the HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a new on-demand enterprise cloud backup service, HPE is making it super simple for you to move your backup infrastructure to the cloud—directly from any storage array or backup ISV. Your backups can be restored on premises or in the cloud - without egress fees - to turn them into a business asset that accelerates development and reveals new insights.  Plus, it’s delivered as a service, so you only pay as you grow with predictable consumption-based billing so you can avoid upfront capex expenses and overprovisioning.    

The essential fact: Chose between 5 fully SAP HANA TDI certified HPE storage solutions

No two SAP or SAP HANA environments are the same. That’s why HPE offers 5 different products from the HPE Storage portfolio that respond to a range of cost and scale requirements and have been proven to run your HANA environment flawlessly. And did we mention that all of these solutions are SAP HANA TDI certified? Fact is, they are … and that will make a considerable difference in the results they deliver for you. 

HPE Primera: Mission-critical redefined - Answer all your mission-critical application challenges with HPE Primera. Finally, intelligent storage that leverages autonomous operations to enable predictable performance at scale — and consolidation for all your apps. Built with the agility of the cloud, HPE Primera delivers instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes, upgrades transparently, and is delivered as a service. Plus, it’s backed by a 100% availability guarantee. 

HPE Nimble Storage: Elevating the experience - Experience what an agile, always-on, always-fast platform that powers everything from VMs to containers to dev/test can do. You’ll be able to forget all that time wasted managing storage and fighting fires, while you also effortlessly extend across hybrid cloud.

The facts are here. The choice is yours.

Additional information about HPE Storage solutions for SAP and SAP HANA can be found on this HPE site.

HPE will be providing you with more details on many of these areas at SAP TechED 2020 with expert, on-demand sessions, a roundtable discussion and more.  Here's a list of the on-demand sessions available:

The virtual event is being held from December 8 - 10.  You can get complete information and register here.   

CKWork.jpgChris Kinzler, WW Technical Marketing Solutions Go-To-Market Manager. Chris has been in the storage industry for more than 15 years and has worked at HPE for two years. He manages bringing enablement programs to market based on workloads.



Anshul Nagori is a Worldwide SAP Technical Marketing Engineer with HPE Storage. He hails from Mumbai, India and anshul_teched.jpghas 11 years of experience in the storage industry. He has worked in and authored several technical whitepapers, blogs, webinars and videos on SAP HANA, storage, cloud, copy data management, data tiering, data protection and virtualization. He is a regular speaker at various SAP and HPE events.

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