HPE Synergy now added to the list of HPE Validated Designs for Google Cloud’s Anthos

Guest Blogger: John Shields,  HPE Synergy Solutions Manager

Over the past year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Google Cloud have launched a partnership aimed at delivering hybrid cloud solutions optimized for containerized applications. The solutions enable applications to be built once and Cloud 5.jpgthen run anywhere across an enterprise’s hybrid cloud, spanning public clouds and on premises. The partnership combines industry-leading technology solutions with a complete portfolio of professional, advisory and financial services, along with a choice of how these solutions are consumed. We refer to the solutions as HPE Validated Designs, since they offer extensively-tested blueprints to build and manage modern containerized workloads using Anthos on HPE solutions.

A great way to end a banner year for the HPE – Google Cloud partnership  

As part of our commitment to provide more options to our joint customers, HPE has recently added HPE Synergy to the list of HPE Validated Designs for Google Cloud’s Anthos. This powerful, software-defined solution serves as the on-ramp to the composable infrastructure, enabling you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration for any workload. You gain efficiency and control, and deploy IT resources quickly through a single interface. With HPE Synergy, you can simplify, automate, and develop faster:

  • Use one infrastructure for any workload - Manage one infrastructure that supports current- and next-gen apps, each with vastly diverse infrastructure requirements and service-level objectives.
  • Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale - Accelerate application and service delivery through a single interface that precisely composes infrastructure at near-instant speeds. Engineered with software-defined intelligence at its core and powered by HPE OneView, HPE Synergy enables you to stand up services in minutes with a single line of code.
  • Automate everyday operations - Eliminate costly silos, free up resources, and simplify IT operations using a single software-defined infrastructure for physical, virtual, and containerized workloads.
  • Develop apps faster and smarter - Accelerate your business with a developer-friendly infrastructure. The unified API allows you to automate infrastructure operations with an extensive ecosystem of partners.

Complete information on HPE Synergy is available here. Learn more about composable on this web page dedicated to HPE software-defined solutions built on intelligent infrastructure that deliver a cloud experience on premises.

The choice is yours

HPE Synergy is the latest addition to the already-impressive portfolio of HPE Validated Designs for Google Cloud’s Anthos. Other available HPE solutions include:

  • HPE Nimble Storage dHCI enables enterprises to scale compute and storage independently with a flexible architecture. When combined with HPE Cloud Volumes, a multicloud storage service, customers can experience a true hybrid cloud providing seamless data mobility between on premises and public cloud.
  • HPE SimpliVity delivers the simplicity and rich data services of a hyperconverged infrastructure solution

HPE not only offers a choice of HPE Validated Designs, it also lets you select different consumption models through HPE GreenLake, providing the ability to deploy an on-premises environment integrated with Anthos as a fully managed container orchestration service. HPE is unique in offering the technology, economics, and services expertise to enable the consistent experience across clouds and on premises, provide a pay-as-you-go-consumption model, and services to help plan and migrate to a containerized environment. As a result, the HPE - Google Cloud offering makes it easy to:  

  • Implement a cloud-integrated CI/CD environment, enabling the development on Anthos and/or on premises, and deploy them on premises
  • Rapidly spin up GCP marketplace applications on-premises
  • Unlock the speed and agility of deploying containers on premises with the delivery of a self-service experience on demand

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For more information about HPE Validated Designs for Google Cloud’s Anthos and the HPE – Google Cloud partnership, visit the partnership website

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