HPE Wins Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year!


First, let me tell you that this award isn’t presented in the abstract. Instead, it is based on the real-world results achieved by a solution using Microsoft technologies in an actual customer environment. No hype. No projections. Just facts.

So here’s the winning story.

HPE helped MGM, a major company in the highly competitive vacation and business travel destination gaming market, upgrade, refresh and modernize their business-critical Patron Management System across all of their properties. We did this by enabling analytics, a deep understanding of customer needs and high speed access to information to help the company’s 41 million customers have a premium experience. Success meant higher customer satisfaction and a sharper competitive edge.

The actual solution consisted of an HPE Superdome X with over 128 cores, which MGM’s IT staff now calls its datacenter “Lamborghini,” combined with Microsoft SQL Server. I’ve seen this solution in action in a number of companies, and believe me, the results are impressive. For MGH, this industrial strength approach delivered extremely high levels of scalability, reliability and performance. It also allowed MGH to ensure the integrity of their customers’ personal information even as they collected more and more consumer data.   

Now, I am happy to report that this superior solution is an award-winning one, scoring the Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year. 

With the success at MGM, the HPE/Microsoft partnership is well poised to help resort owners worldwide to improve each customer’s unique experience…and bring them back again and again – a winning streak for all!

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