HPE & AMD: The Road to Future Innovation

The HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 has been built out of a long standing collaboration between HPE and AMD and is powered by AMD EPYC™ processors – it is a single-socket 1U server with dual-socket performance, evidence of how formidable AMD’s new hardware is in terms of performance output. Alongside efficiency and density with its high core count, there’s also support for more RAM providing higher bandwidth than the nearest competitor, and a wide variety of storage choices, all backed by HPE’s excellent iLO5 management platform and built-in security. As a result, the DL325 is the ideal machine for highly-virtualized workloads, delivering up to 27 percent lower cost per virtual machine (VM) than the leading dual-processor competitor. Now that’s a saving worth taking note of!

Advanced Solutions Across Industries
In addition to the enterprise class computing space, AMD and HPE have made real inroads in the high-performance computing (HPC) space, where AMD EPYC processors provide the necessary memory bandwidth and I/O lanes for memory intense workloads. The high-density AMD EPYC compute solution is ideal for memory, bandwidth, or capacity bound HPC workloads, such as computational fluid dynamics, weather simulation, and oil and gas exploration, but there are many other applications and we are finding Managed Service Providers increasingly with such needs to serve their clients demanding requirements

HPE and AMD announced a collaboration for a new supercomputer for the High Performance Computing Centre in Stuttgart, Germany. The result will be the world’s fastest supercomputer for industrial production, powering computational engineering and research across science and industrial fields to advance applications in energy, climate, mobility, and health. Both the HPE DL325 and the more powerful HPE ProLiant DL385—also built on AMD EPYC—bring HPC power to the datacenter with the most efficient 1U and 2U systems available.

From Cloud VMs to Micro-service Containers
AMD and HPE have both secured partnerships with Microsoft to power newer Azure Cloud offerings. The result is an integrated Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud that incorporates compute, storage, and networking to enable you to run Azure services in the cloud or on-premises. Microsoft offers choices of AMD-based compute instances specifically to power applications requiring high-throughput and high-bandwidth for performance.

While much has been written on HPE and AMD performance for virtualization and associated workloads, the scalability HPE and AMD EPYC which delivers containerized applications and services using the Docker platform, isn’t as well known. With Docker, businesses can modernize monolithic or legacy applications and transition them to a container-based cloud solution. AMD EPYC’s higher core density and resulting scalability offer the power and flexibility needed to scale Docker-based microservices and applications to meet spikes in demand or conserve system resources during lulls.

The Autonomous Datacenter
With HPE, you instantly gain a competitive edge with a complete set of end-to-end solutions that include hardware and software, from provisioning and management, and beyond. We’re helping our customers reach what we view as IT utopia: complete autonomy for datacenter operations. Leveraging cloud-based predictive analytics, the HPE InfoSight platform predicts problems, proactively resolves them and prevents future issues across your entire datacenter and cloud infrastructure. With HPE, you’ll see what others can’t, predict and prevent problems before they occur, and transform support by making complex problems simple, often resolved automatically. Bottom line: drive down your datacentre costs by almost 80%.

Award-Winning Innovation
AMD CEO Lisa Su has acknowledged that HPE was the foundational partner when AMD started the EPYC project three years ago, providing valuable customer insights for the project since day one. HPE has recently been rewarded for its effort, with the DL325 named the Best 1U Server in ITPRO Product of the year awards 2018. Additionally, CRN named the HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Server as the Product of the Year 2018 winner overall for general-purpose servers, along with other awards for HPE datacentre technology.

The HPE DL325, built on today’s AMD EPYC family, offers 32 cores, 2TB of high-bandwidth RAM, and a wide variety of storage choices, including PCIe NMVe support. With the next-generation EPYC processors, code named “Rome Zen 2”, AMD is pushing to become the world’s first high-performance x86 7nm CPU. Processor enhancements include up to 64 “Zen 2” cores, increased instructions-per-cycle and leadership in compute, I/O and memory bandwidth. Platform enhancements include the industry’s first PCIe 4.0-capable x86 server processor with double the bandwidth per channel, double the compute performance per socket and four times the floating-point performance per socket, while retaining socket compatibility with today’s AMD EPYC server platforms.

With these awards and continued innovation, HPE and AMD together provide evidence of what future proof datacenter and cloud technology truly is. We look forward to continued innovation end developments in this collaboration that will take our customers use of technology forward.

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