HPE participates in MesosCon North America 2017

Guest Blog written by John Sanson, HPE Americas Alliance Business Manager 


This year during MesosCon North America 2017, it was evident that more and more organizations have taken a modern approach to adopting continuous integration and delivery to their application stacks. As expected, Microservices and Application development flexibility are still the key drivers of container adoption and distributed frameworks; however, MesosCon had a much larger focus on Big Data Architecture this year.

Today’s customers are looking to leverage their current use of distributed frameworks to provide more flexibility to their data solutions stack, which has put solutions like Mesosphere at the forefront of the DevOps discussion. To meet this need, HPE is continuing to drive joint solutions with Mesosphere specifically around DevOps improvement.

Mesosphere has taken the lead in integrating the most popular open source data solutions into the Mesosphere Universe, allowing Data organizations to take advantage of running multiple big data applications in a single distributed system.  Reducing complexity, security, and management are key in running Big Data solutions such as Cassandra, HDFS, MongoDB, Tensor Flow and much more.

One of HPE’s most interesting customer discussions during MesosCon centered on the very idea that Mesosphere can improve deployment of the Big Data solutions for the client. Running Cassandra at scale presented not only management and integration complexity to the Data organization, but it also put tremendous strain on the infrastructure team. Big Data solutions such as Cassandra or SMACK stack solutions tend to gain traction in an organization and grow rapidly but based upon the typical infrastructure deployment model for these solutions, response times for infrastructure can take weeks or months. This not only delays the projects but it creates friction between internal organizations.

This is one reason HPE and Mesosphere are partnering to provide solutions that make it easy to adopt Mesosphere as the operating framework for your big data workloads. While Mesosphere is the abstraction layer to infrastructure, issues involving infrastructure deployment and management are still pain points for IT organizations. HPE teamed up with Mesosphere to close this infrastructure management and deployment gap. Joint efforts led to HPE Oneview and Synergy integration and the addition of HPE infrastructure deployment tools to the Mesosphere Universe. This integration with Mesosphere now enables our customers to be able to quickly add and provision hardware resources to their Mesosphere environment with just the click of a few buttons - all from the Mesosphere interface. Customers can now marry these integrations with HPE Big Data server platforms and deliver an easily deployable, easily consumable, easily expandable integrated platform for their big data workloads. For a closer look at the expanded capabilities of Synergy and OneView, check out the Fact Sheet.

At HPE, we see the growth that big data will have in the containerized world and look forward to leading the way with solutions to meet business needs.

If you’d like to further understand how HPE and Mesosphere can deliver on providing a single Big Data Platform for your data organization, please reach out to me at  I look forward to the discussion!

 For more information on the HPE and Mesosphere Alliance, click here.

MesosCon is an annual conference organized by the Apache Mesos community, bringing together users and developers to share and learn about the project and its growing ecosystem.  HPE was proud to be a participating sponsor of this event.  For more information on upcoming Linux Foundation events, click here.

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