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Have you Seen the Newest DL360p Gen8 Server?


Every day, we see more and more SMB customers with data centers that are space constrained. Today we will look at a great solution, the HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server. This enterprise class server gives users 2-socket performance and efficiency in a space saving 1U size.


So what does this server have to offer your SMB?

With storage and networking flexibility, energy efficiency, easy-to-use integrated management and support, and enhanced serviceability, this server is ideal for general-purpose applications such as file/print, web, dynamic computing workloads, virtualization and cloud solutions.


Let's watch Steve González discussing this newest DL360p features:





The DL360p Gen8 supports up to 2 Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 series of processors, and gives users choices of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 cores with speeds up to 3.5GHz, DDR3 memory speeds up to 1866MHz, and a 786GB maximum memory footprint utilizing the 32GB load reduced DIMMs.


Storage and Networking Flexibility

Supporting both LFF and SFF hard drives means customers have the choice of capacity and speed to accommodate their specific needs. The DL360p Gen8 can host up to 4 LFF, 8 SFF, or 10 SFF hard drives including SAS, SATA, and SSDs, giving users up to 16 TB of storage in one, tiny U with the 3.5” 4TB SATA HDDs.


Rather than embedding networking on the motherboard, this Gen8 server provides network flexibility by supporting a variety of FlexibleLOMs such as 4 x 1 Gigabit, 2 x 10 Gigabit, FlexFabric, or InfiniBand, as well as FH/HL and LP PCIe slots, which accommodate most option cards.


Energy Efficiency

HP knows efficiency is a key customer concern and Gen8 systems deliver it by supporting up to 96% efficient Titanium power supplies that work in conjunction with HP’s intelligent PDUs and allow for power capping at the server level. This results in an efficient use of power and resources and ultimately betters the data center’s bottom line. Furthermore, ENERGY STAR® qualified server configurations illustrate HP’s continued commitment to helping customers conserve energy and save money.


Easy-to-use Integrated Management and Support

Shipping standard with HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Management Engine, the DL360p gives users the quality management they have come to expect with HP. In addition to the remote console, remote power, and virtual media features of prior generations, there are four key new functional areas that have been added to the new iLO Management Engine.

-          Intelligent Provisioning takes the strengths of products like SmartStart, PSP, and HP SUM, enhances them with the latest ease of use features and places them where they can be used immediately, thus eliminating the need to keep track of multiple DVDs.

-          Agentless Management gives users base hardware health monitoring and alerting functions now running directly on the iLO hardware, independent of the operating system and the processor.

-          Active Health System offers customers an always-on diagnostic system recording constant feeds of telemetry data, configuration changes, and every alert in order to facilitate faster root-cause analysis and problem resolution.

-          The iLO Management Engine also offers faster access to HP Insight Remote Support, HP’s 24x7 “phone home” remote support software


Enhanced Serviceability and Reduced Downtime Improvements

With flat cables with cable routing areas on the sides, tool-less access to components and “easy install” rail options, users will see the enhanced serviceability features of the DL360p Gen8 as soon as they remove the hood. This server also features HP Smart Socket Guides, an HP innovation put in place to combat a major pain point, bent pins when installing processors. This spring-loaded latch, in combination with the blue casing around the processor, prevents fingers from coming into contact with the components causing damage and downtime.


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