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Offering over 30 years of joint commitment and innovation, HP and Microsoft work together to ensure their products are designed and engineered to work together and are supported by both companies. Combining the HP ProLiant Gen9 servers with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 empowers SMBs and provides flexible access to corporate resources while protecting corporate information.


With a broad range of HP ProLiant Gen9 servers in addition to 4 different editions of Windows Server 2012 R2 to choose from, it can be a challenge trying to decide which server pairs best with each Microsoft server OS and vice versa. Luckily, HP has a great tool to help, the Windows Operating Systems Selector. Do you know which server you want to use, but don’t know which edition of Windows Server you should pair with it? Not a problem, simply plug in your server information and answer a few quick questions and the Windows Operating Systems Selector will tell you ideal server OS to pair with it. On the other hand, if you know what Microsoft server OS you will be using, but need help choosing the best server, the Windows OS Selector can help figure that out too!


We know that just as all businesses are different, all customers are different too. While some appreciate having the answer handed to them, others will want to know more about the logic behind the answer. If this describes you or your SMB customers, you’re in luck because we’ve got more information just for you!


When deciding which server is right for your environment, these features are important to consider:

  • Hard disk space: before choosing a server, be sure to assess your hard disk space needs by evaluating how much data you have now and how much data you create monthly. You can also consider a server that allows you to add additional drives as your needs change and your business grows.
  • Memory: Software manufacturers will list “required” and “recommended” memory. When possible, buy enough memory to support the recommended amount for each application.
  • RAID: If your server will be used in a mission-critical environment, you will need to support at least RAID Level 1 which writes data across two or more drives so data is not lost if any drive on the system fails.
  • Server management tools: Users can simplify server management with tools such as HP Insight Manager, Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), SmartStart, and ProLiant Essentials.
  • Warranties: HP’s pre-failure warranty, standard on all HP ProLiant 300 servers and above, extends HP’s standard one or three-year warranty to cover critical components like memory before they actually fail.


Want to learn more about HP ProLiant servers and Microsoft Windows Server? Join our Coffee Coaching communities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for new information on HP and Microsoft products and services for SMBs.


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