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Help your SMB customers avoid the business flat tire



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By John Flowers,

Worldwide Channel Marketing Manager, HP Technology Services




When stop and think about it, automobiles are one of the largest personal expenses many people have. It all starts when you buy the car… but then there are even more costs associated with servicing the vehicle, keeping it tuned up, insuring it, and (unfortunately) repairing it when needed. With all of these expenses adding up, it is often tempting to skimp on certain expenses such as maintenance or insurance. However, when you load your family into the car, suddenly the cost of it all seems small relative to the value you entrust to it—the cost of keeping it well maintained pales in comparison to the cost of an accident or breakdown.


Now, why are we talking about car maintenance on an IT blog? Well, IT systems are a lot like cars in this regard, especially when you’re talking about smaller businesses. Today, small and medium-size businesses can afford to buy powerful systems with virtualization capabilities. However, when they get these systems, they may be walking a tightrope between saving money on system support and protecting themselves from service interruptions. Often it is not until there is a situation that they realize they do not have the correct level of service and support.


Just like a car, these systems require regular monitoring to be sure they are running at peak performance with no developing problems. While it is common for SMBs to want to do this all themselves to save money, it will ultimately take them away from their main business objective, serving their customers, and growing their business. 


The warranties that HP provides with servers and storage devices are an important part for SMBs protecting their investments and protect customers from product defects. In order to protect their business, SMBs should consider extending the warranty or upgrading the level of service to match their business reliance on the system. With HP Foundation Care and HP Proactive Care, HP has been working to make system support both more affordable and easier to buy so customers get the right support for their specific situation.


HP Foundation Care- Foundation Care offers reactive system support at levels that are more in tune with a businesses’ reliance on the system. For example, SMB customers can get 24x7 service with four-hour response—customers can call anytime they experience a problem and HP’s service team will respond within four hours. Or, if customers need an even timelier repair and they are located within 50 miles of an HP support office, they can get 24x7, six-hour call-to-repair service—HP will actually commit to restoring the device to service within six hours of the call.


HP Proactive Care- HP Proactive care is often associated with the needs of medium to large businesses, but it is important to remember, it is business reliance and not business size that determines the level of support that is needed. Proactive Care is designed to prevent downtime by keeping systems properly configured and spotting developing problems before they interrupt service. If your SMB customer needs their solution available 24x7 and need to avoid downtime, then HP Proactive Care is the next step from HP Foundation Care.


To make these system support options even easier to understand and buy, HP packages all of their support options as HP Care Pack Service. So when your SMB customer buys an HP server, storage, or networking solution, they get an optional Care Pack Service to upgrade the support to the level their business needs. This is one of the easiest ways to protect their business!

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PSThis infographic provides a lot more information and comparisons for you!
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