Here, there and everywhere: How you can benefit from solutions presented at HPE Discover London

By Greg Chabot

My uncle Lionel is an avid sports fan who never did like to spend money. So television has been his savior.  “Why spend 15 bucks to see a football game in person, when you get a better view at home,” he says every Sunday as he settles in for his weekly game-watching marathon. He’s totally right, of course. Not about the 15 bucks. He’d be appalled at what tickets really cost today. But about the amazing job television does at capturing the action. Watching games at home will never match the excitement and experience of being there in person, but it sure is a good fall-back.     

The same is true of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Discover London 2015. Not everyone can go. But that Meg.jpgdoesn’t mean only those who attend can learn about and benefit from the outstanding solutions that will be introduced, discussed or put on display at the event.

To help both those who are going and those who are staying get the most from what’s new, we’re launching a series of blogs about what HPE alliance partners will be presenting. These solutions are available to all, so don’t feel you have to travel to England to take advantage of them.  If you are lucky enough to be able to be there in person, add these sessions to your Agenda Builder. They’ll help ensure that you get the most from your trip to the U.K.

NOTE: Complete information about Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 London is available on the event home page.   

Multiple solutions for HPE’s 4 Transformation Areas
This year’s sessions are aligned to the 4 Transformation areas that are the focus of the solutions that HPE and our alliance partners are developing and offering.  This is a positive step and represents an even more definitive step towards presenting solutions within a structure that defines what our customers need and want to accomplish rather than simply as technologies. Last year represented a first step as many solutions were classified according to larger areas/technology goals such as Big Data and Analytics, Security, Mobility, etc. In London, the focus will be on how solutions can help enterprises reach the business goals that will help them implement the New Style of Business.

The upcoming blogs will focus on the following partners and the solutions they offer in one or more of the Transformation areas:

  1. Transformation to a hybrid infrastructure – PwC, Avaya, Wipro, Capgemini/Sogeti, SUSE and Docker. These solutions will allow you to get better value from your existing infrastructure, while you also create new value quickly and continuously from all your apps.
  2. Protect your digital enterprise – Deloitte, HPE/SAP. Learn how to make security and data privacy an inherent part of your operations, rather than an add-on or after-thought.  
  3. Empower a data-driven organization – Accenture, Hortonworks, HPE/SAP, Mircrosoft.  HPE and our alliance partners will show you how you can get the most from the unprecedented amount of information now at your disposal.  
  4. Enable workplace productivity – VMware, PwC/HPE, Intralinks/HPE. See how easy it is to provide your employees and partners with the information they need to act wherever and whenever they need it.

A new way of thinking about solutions
Be aware that approaching solutions through the 4 Transformation areas gets away from the one-to-one matching of individual products and services point solutions.  Instead, each of the four areas represents a holistic approach that can included products from all technology areas, plus support, consulting, financial, and even managed services. Approaching these in a holistic way and looking at the outcome as a complete solution is the best way to meet your needs and ensure maximum benefit for you.  

You can learn more about the 4 Transformation Areas on the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise home page. Click on “Solutions.”

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