Here, there, everywhere: Strategies to “Enable Workplace Productivity” from London or wherever

By Greg Chabot

I had a friend in college who never did go into the armed services. But he retained a couple of sentences from someone’s salute 2.jpgmilitary service that he’d use over and over again. “If it moves, salute it. If it doesn’t, paint it.” He always got a huge kick out of saying that, while the rest of us cringed after hearing it for the x hundredth time.

But the last part of the saying keeps coming back to me know – with a slight change - as I look at the challenges of today workplace. The New Style of Business means that companies who don’t move don’t get painted. Instead, they get smaller and weaker until they disappear altogether. That’s because mobility and agility are now major factors that drive productivity and success.

And that’s why Hewlett Packard Enterprise has made mobility-focused “Enable Workplace Productivity” as one of the four Transformation Areas that can help you transition to the New Style of Business by providing your employees and all who deal with you (partners, customers, etc.)  with the information they need to act wherever and whenever they need it.

Solutions that make sure you don’t get painted into a corner
If you will be attending Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 London, you’ll be able to get an in-person look at what HPE Strategic Alliance partners can offer you in this transformation area.     

Citrix and HPE will offer two sessions focused on mobility:

  • The first is a Demo Session that explores a high-end financial trader workstation solution built on HPE Moonshot system and Citrix® XenDesktop®. By moving a trader’s compute from a large, noisy, heat-generating desktop to the datacenter, this solution improves support and security and enables workers to access their data and programs from anywhere, using any device. Session 7003
  • The second focuses on how HPE Moonshot and Citrix® are delivering predictable graphics performance from hosted physical desktops without the management and sizing overhead of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The session also shows how a wide range of apps can be made available to a larger set of users, all from the same HPE Moonshot chassis. Session 7210

Accenture will offer a session that describes how Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s market-leading portfolio of mobility and SDN solutions power all-wireless workplace transformations underway in enterprises across the globe. Session BB7702

VMware’s session will demonstrate how you can have both security and agility when you use HP and VMware NSX platforms to create a unified software-defined data center (SDDC). Enabling seamless integration across physical and virtual data centers, NSX with the HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller enables you to resolve network security challenges and automate network management. Session TB6762

PwC’s session with HPE will focus on how the Digital Revolution is one of the megatrends that will shape the world in the 21st century. HP and PwC are working together to exploit the “World in Beta”, in particular the impact of digital natives and how digital customer experience has become mandatory for all organizations. Whether your interest is in backend transformation, agile methodologies, forming a digital strategy or simply satisfying your customers, there is something for you in this session. Session T6691

Not moving to get to London?
Not everyone can attend HPE Discover 2015 London in person. But if you’re staying put, you can still can get complete information on all of the solutions available to help you Enable Workplace Learn more about the 4 Transformation Areas on the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise home page. Click on “Solutions.” 

Find out about the solutions our alliance partners offer for all Transformation areas:

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