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The first question after “Which server?” should be “Wow are you going to license that new server?” Here’s what you need to know about HPE OEM Windows Server 2019 licensing.


Step 1: Pair the Windows Server 2019 Edition based on server and use cases.

We’ve written before about the features of various Windows Server editions, but the following chart sums up how to decide which Windows Server 2019 edition to choose, based on a customer’s unique needs.

ws2019 chart.JPG


Step 2: Determine core licensing requirements.

After you’ve identified the right edition, it’s time to figure out the core licensing requirements. Here are the basics:

  • All physical cores in the server must be licensed.
  • At least eight core licenses are required for each processor.
  • At least 16 core licenses are required for each server.


HPE OEM Windows Server 2019 base licenses cover 16 cores. Additional licenses for two, four, and 16 cores are also available for Standard and Datacenter editions. For more details, visit


Step 3: Make sure client access licenses (CALs) are in order.

Once the ideal licensing is in place, it’s time to ensure customers have the required CALs. In a nutshell:


  • User CALs allow a single user to access Windows Server from an unlimited number of devices.
  • Device CALs allow an unlimited number of users to access Windows Server from a single device.
  • RDS CALs are required for remote desktop access (these are in addition to User and Device CALs).


You can learn a lot more about CALs by reading this post: Everything you need to know about Windows Server 2019 Client Access Licenses (CALs).


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