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How do your SMB clients protect their business data?


In today’s environment of exponential data growth, companies large and small are faced with the challenges of protecting their data from new threats and risks. Small and medium size businesses (SMBs) can be most vulnerable when it comes to keeping their business data safe, as many lack not only sufficient strategies for backing up and restoring their data, but are often short-staffed and less eager to take on what they perceive is a complicated task.

A Just Right Approach

SMBs need an approach to data protection and disaster recovery, is adapted to emerging threats, is simple to deploy, and addresses future expansion needs. HP Just Right IT backup and recovery solutions are optimized specifically for SMBs. With solutions built to prevent data loss and recover faster, your SMB customers can make their IT resilient with proven recovery implementations. Scalable, flexible solutions optimize existing storage infrastructure. And, you can offer your SMB customers solutions that are easy to manage along with Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems.

Let’s take a look at three solutions ideal for small and medium size businesses that need reliable backup and recovery, yet don’t have budgets or staff with time to manage backups:

  • StoreOnce is a disk-based system that provides deduplication of data, reducing the amount of data needed to be stored. It delivers rapid recovery from loss and is an ideal backup solution for SMB customers looking for an automated solution for both their main data centers and remote sites. Since backups occur automatically once deployed, additional management is not required. And, for disaster recovery, data can be replicated in deduplicated form across the WAN to another site without any user intervention, again easing SMBs concerns about IT overhead.


  • StoreEasy with LiveVault is hybrid cloud based solution for managed backup environments. It delivers data protection for critical file data, linking on-site storage with scalable, cloud-based backup storage. This helps SMBs meet both backup and recovery requirements for offsite protection, as well as disaster recovery. Store Easy with LiveVault is designed to meet the data availability and protection needs of SMBs, providing reliable and economical data protection for organizations with constrained IT staff and budget. Based on Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, you’ll be able to provide you users a high-availability solution, so their data will be always available for them whenever they need it.


  • StoreEver is a range of tape drives, autoloaders and libraries providing long-term retention at the lowest cost available. Easy setup and install backup makes StoreEver simple to use. Features like Data Rate Matching and improved tape handling make StoreEver perfect for long-term durable data protection.

Help your SMB customers get started on the road to backup and recovery. With HP Just Right IT products, you can offer your SMB customers affordable, effective technology to protect their data, and keep their businesses running.

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