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How many pluots is too many pluots?


I finally tried a pluot the other day.  They really taste pretty good. I resisted for a while, mainly because of the ridiculous name.  I realize they are “designer” fruit, created by somehow combining plums and apricots. But “pluots?”  Really?   Combining the first part of apricots and the last part of plums is even worse. But couldn’t they have taken their cue from “nectarine” and coined a totally new name?

What does amaze me about pluots … and brings me to the real topic for this blog … is that supermarkets seem to know exactly how much of them to order so they will:

  1. Always have enough to satisfy local demand and take into account impulse buyers like me
  2. Never have so many that they have to slash prices to sell them off or end up disposing of most of them. Both of these losing propositions can have a major impact on operations because supermarket margins are super-thin    

Now, multiply the “pluots” planning issue by all of the other products in the store; add in other important factors like transportation, weather, changing demographics, and evolving tastes; mix in key business elements such as cost of inventory, waste, and staffing … and you can start to understand the major challenges facing supermarket chains in their drive for profitability.  

How do they meet the challenge? Many like Dansk Supermarkets turn to SAP HANA, knowing that this industry-leading, real-time Big Data analytics solution can deliver the high-quality, actionable data they need so their business never goes… well, pluot (see what I mean about how that word sounds?)  

Such a top-performing solution really demands an equally outstanding platform to run on.  So that’s why Dansk also chose HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA. These HP platforms include everything it takes to build a scalable platform for real-time Big Data analytics. In addition to providing all the server, storage, and networking hardware, HP Converged Systems for SAP HANA also include:

  • Full disaster recovery between datacenters based on SAP HANA system replication
  • Full local high availability in the individual datacenters
  • Capacity for a full production data clone for quality assurance purposes.

Most important perhaps is the fact that HP Converged Systems for SAP HANA are tuned to deliver the best possible results for this SAP solution.  

To find out more, make it a point to attend Discover Theater session DT5925 at Discover Barcelona titled: Customer case study: Dansk Supermarket and the HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA®. I don’t think they’ll be giving out pluots, but representatives from Dansk Supermarkets will be sharing business drivers, considerations, and results as related to SAP HANA. You can also explore the solution design to see how it might relate to planning your own system landscape. The session will be held on Wednesday, December 3 from 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  in Discover Theater 5.8, Hall 5.

Wonder what they’d call the combination of a pomegranate and a coconut?

Complete information about HP Discover Barcelona 2014 is available on the event site. Check out the session catalog for other sessions on HP - SAP solutions by entering the word “SAP” in the “Find content” search field.

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