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How to Create RAID sets for your HP ProLiant server using the Array Configuration Utility


The Array Configuration Utility (or ACU) is an application first developed in 1997 to simplify setup and configuration of HP's Smart Array controllers. With it's graphical user interface, it takes the guesswork out of viewing your current storage hardware setup and offers the ultimate in ease-of-use when creating and maintaining RAID sets of your HP storage.


Watch and learn how Steve creates a RAID set using the ACU application to be run online under the Microsoft Windows interface.





And don’t forget, that when creating a RAID set it is ideal to use drives of the same size so as to avoid wasting available space for further configuration. However you can mix drive sizes but the maximum size of any RAID set created on the array will be limited by the smallest physical drive on the array.


For more details on the settings for a RAID set including definitions of the available Fault Tolerance methods in general, please see ACU's onboard help or its User Guide.


Please see the following for more information about HP ProLiant and HP Smart Array RAID controllers:


ACU Documentation

Configuring Arrays on Hp Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide


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