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How to Use the Windows Event Log for HP ProLiant Gen8 Smart Array Controllers



The built-in event log located in Windows allows you to find informational, warning, and error messages.  The Notification Service will populate the logs with messages related to all Smart Array controllers in your server.  These messages can be as simple as telling you a drive has been inserted to warning you when a drive is in a predictive failure state. 




Watch as Justin walks you through how to find and interpret messages generated by the Notification Serivce:





Justin provides the following steps:


  1. Gather the Troubleshooting Guide on error messages from the following documentation:
  2. Download the latest Troubleshooting Guide for HP ProLiant Gen8 on Error Messages.  Go to the chapter for Smart Array Windows Event Error messages to find all the events generated by Cissesrv to use as a reference
  3. Launch the Windows Server Manager.  Expand Diagnostics -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> System
  4. From System you can view several events generated by a variety of different sources
  5. From the Actions Pain, select Filter Current Log
  6. Go to Event Sources and scroll down to select Cissesrv and then hit ok from the dialog
  7. In the filtered log, you can see the Event ID’s that can be cross referenced to the Troubleshooting Guide for action



With Cissesrv you can find information about your Smart Array controllers at a glance.  


From this information you can manually troubleshoot problems or write custom scripts to monitor your Storage.


Also see the following:


ACU Documentation

Configuring Arrays on Hp Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide


Please provide us with feedback if you have questions or found this video helpful.


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