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How to become a “Whack a Mole expert”


By Greg Chabot


whack a mole.jpgI had a friend in college who was totally addicted to Whack a Mole. Used to play it for hours at an arcade down the street from campus. Flunked out in the middle of sophomore year. If you’re not familiar with the game, it involves trying to whack as many plastic moles as possible with a cloth mallet in a limited amount of time. The challenge comes from the fact that individual moles pop up (and quickly go back down again) at random from multiple holes.  

Whack a Mole could be an accurate analogy for the security challenges facing today’s enterprises. Security threats pop up at random from a frighteningly broad range of sources. CIOs or security specialists stand there with their IT “mallets” and try to whack as many threats as they can to prevent them from impacting the enterprise. The difference in the real world is that each day seems to add more holes and smarter moles to the game. The stakes are also higher. You need to whack every single mole that appears. Miss only one and business operations could be paralyzed.

That’s why HP has made “Protect your digital enterprise” one of its 4 Transformation Areas.  It’s impossible to be agile, productive, effective, and customer-centric if your environment is compromised and/or out of compliance.

Scoring big
protect.jpgProtecting your digital enterprise means making security and data privacy an inherent part of your operations, rather than an add-on or after-thought. This is the best way to deal with the growing number and variety of threats you face.  

HP offers a comprehensive approach to security with:

  • Security products
  • Security services
  • Security research

 Read all about this approach on the IT Security Solutions page on
But we also know that other industry leaders also offer powerful security capabilities, so we partner with many of them to bring you some of the most effective security solutions available today:

  • Accenture is HP's AllianceOne Partner of the Year in Enterprise Security and offers Cyber Security capabilities that enable organizations to manage advanced threats to their business by assessing, detecting, predicting and responding to threats through Intelligent Security
  • Citrix helps ensure improved security and compliance by centralizing desktops, data, and applications in the datacenter. Our joint solutions also protect sensitive information while ensuring the right level of secure access for each user and providing IT visibility and control.
  • In 2013, Deloitte formed Vigilant by Deloitte, a practice of 157 experienced cyber threat professionals—the largest force of HP ArcSight trained and certified consultants in the U.S. Our joint solutions combine HP technology with Deloitte's IP to meet cyber challenges that evolve daily including advanced cyber-threats, IP theft, fraud, specific government regulations and money laundering.
  • The HP and PwC alliance brings together PwC's business transformation, process and organizational change proficiencies with HP Instant-On capabilities to help business leaders align IT with overall business strategies. In the area of security, we our alliance provides solutions built on HP ArcSight software that focus on threat and vulnerability management, as well as on governance and compliance

Who is transforming what?
The changes facing business of all types and sizes are both sweeping and rapid. In today’s environment you need the agility to capitalize on new opportunities, the ability to keep costs under control and enhance quality, and a structure that supports constant evolution, because change is not slowing or stopping. Moving to the “New Style of Business” is a must.

HP has identified 4 Transformation Areas that will position you well to transform any business from old style to new style, regardless of the starting point. You can get additional information on these areas on the Enterprise Solutions page on You can also read my previous blogs:

  • Is there anything really new about the New Style of Business? Provides an overview on the four Transformation Areas and discusses why transformation is essential if organizations want to keep thriving and growing
  • Are hybrids rally all they’re cracked up to be? Discusses why a hybrid IT environment is important. It’s a proven way to extract top performance and efficiency from your applications, allowing you to get better value from your existing infrastructure.  As  noted in the graphic above, “Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure” is another of HP’s 4 Transformation Areas,  

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