How to create a SMB backup and recovery plan [Adventures in SMB]

SMBs need IT that will help keep the businesses running at full speed. By utilizing some simple and time tested strategies for backup and recovery along with SMB solutions from HPE and Microsoft, your SMB customers can rest assured knowing they’re protected if disaster strikes.  


This week’s Adventures in SMB topic is all about backup and recovery. Learn how to remove the risks of business downtime with the right backup/recovery strategy.

The first part of the series finds Adventure Guide Avery meeting with Tim Daron, SMB Solutions Architect, to explore how to form and execute a formidable SMB backup plan utilizing HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers and Windows Backup, a Windows Server 2016 feature.


Of course, backup is just a part of the disaster recovery plan. One must consider not only the backup but also the recovery phase. In part 2, Tim Daron explains how to test the backups and practice for recovery and how HPE Gen10 servers make it easier to perform data restores using built-in Windows backup services.


To make backup and recovery even simpler, HPE Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup provide SMBs with server configurations that are easy to purchase and deploy. With features such as centralized storage and security, data protection, and 24x7 availability, HPE Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup help SMBs keep the business running and improve employee productivity:

  • Help keep the business running with automated data backup, virus protection, and optional HPE Secure Encryption
  • Increase employee productivity by making files, email, and collaboration tools accessible from any device so employees can share and collaborate more easily


Join IT Adventure Guide Avery on the journey to uncover hidden gems of server closet wisdom needed to navigate the world of SMB IT: Adventures in SMB with HPE and Microsoft

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