How to deploy a hybrid cloud [Adventures in SMB video]


Hybrid Cloud Solutions from HPE and Microsoft.JPGHybrid cloud is often called the holy grail of networking strategies, granting the best of both worlds, both on-premises and cloud.

Did you know that a hybrid cloud strategies can give the SMB market the ability to have some of their resources off-site providing many different benefits? 

For example, an organization may host their email server away from their on premise infrastructure. In doing so, users would still have access to their email even if if there were an Internet outage, fire, or other catastrophe at the office. Or, an organization may decide to host their website both on premise and also have a backup in the cloud. That way, if something were to happen to the infrastructure and the website hosted on premise goes out, everything could be redirected to the copy that is hosted in the cloud. These are just two examples of how hosting certain applications in the cloud can benefit SMBs, there are lots of other possibilities and benefits the cloud can provide SMBs. 

While the cloud is a  wonderful option for many cases, it is not always the best option for every case. Not everything can, or should, go in the cloud. Organizations need to evaluate their options and ask themselves what can go in the cloud. It is important to keep in mind latency issues as well as security concerns when considering the cloud. In fact, there are several regulations that restrict what kinds of data can be stored in the cloud in specific industries. This is why a hybrid approach is ideal, your SMB customers can utilize both the cloud and on-premises infrastructure. 

Want to learn how SMB IT pros can go about obtaining the power of hybrid cloud and how SMBs can get more value from a hybrid cloud strategy? Join along for today's featured “Adventures in SMB” video as Adventure Guide Avery and IT Pro Huy Tran explore the basics of creating a hybrid cloud strategy, including how to configure Azure cloud services with HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers.

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