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How to reduce SMB costs? (AKA: The question we all have)



By Lisa Wolfe

Worldwide EG SMB Strategy and Marketing Leader


If we were to ask you to name the main IT challenges your SMB customers face, what would you say?


You would probably be able to list numerous challenges such as limited IT staff, limited time, and limited resources—monetary resources included. While your customers may feel like they have many strikes against them, HP wants to help ease their IT load, so they can focus on what matters most, their business.


At each stage of SMB business maturity, reliable, affordable IT products and solutions are essential for success.


With HP Just Right IT (JRIT), SMBs get end-to-end technology including servers, storage, networking, server options, and services, all delivered at the affordable value your customers are looking for. Because no business is the same, HP JRIT solutions are created based on the business size, maturity, and application workload requirements, so each SMB gets a solution that fits their specific needs and budget.


"This means your customers can choose the JRIT solution they need, no more."



SMBs that are just starting out can choose HP JRIT solutions to cover their basic core needs, then, as the business grows, IT can be added on instead of having to start over with a brand new solution. In addition, each piece of the JRIT portfolio is designed to work well on its own or as part of a networked system, adding even more value as the needs and size of the business grows.


Learn more about HP JRIT and how these solutions can save your customers time and money, increase their efficiency, and support their business growth. Be sure to join the Coffee Coaching community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.



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