Hybrid: Great mileage. Exceptional handling. No need to plug in.

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Not talking about cars here, but IT solutions. And once I tell you all about the latest HPE, PwC and Microsoft Hybrid models, I bet you won’t be able to wait to take one out for a test drive. Great thing is that you’ll be able to do all of that at HPE Discover 2017.

But back to our money-saving, super-agile, security-rich hybrids.

The questions are: Who, why, when, and how?
For a while, Public Cloud seemed to be THE answer for customers who needed a combination of agility, flexibility and affordability for their IT operations. Today, it is still AN answer, but far from the only one. Many customers have learned from their experience that they need another solution that includes a Public Cloud, but also incorporates on-premises as part of a Hybrid solution. The move from “THE answer” to “AN answer” is obviously raising some questions … like: 

many peeps in glass office.jpg• Why are companies considering a mix of public, private and legacy―or hybrid cloud?
• What are the biggest challenges in the adoption of hybrid cloud?
• What are the biggest benefits?
• What market trends is PwC seeing around hybrid cloud and specifically Azure Stack?
• What challenges/use cases are enterprises seeking to solve with the HPE Azure Stack solution?
• What workload characteristics are most appropriate for an on-premises Azure Stack environment vs. Azure public?
• What advantages does an Azure Stack strategy offer in terms of risk, governance, security and cost models for cloud?
• How does a customer get started on the journey to hybrid cloud?

The answers are: “HPE, PwC, and Microsoft.” Oh, right … and “NOW”
HPE, Microsoft, and PwC are recognized leaders in the development and implementation of Hybrid strategies and solutions. And HPE Discover 2017 offers you a unique opportunity to get first-person, real-time answers to any or all of the questions above and more. Start with this session titled: “Three experts with one goal: PwC, Microsoft and HPE help you prepare for hybrid IT with Azure and Azure Stack.”

You’ll learn what PwC is seeing as clients accelerate adoption of cloud strategies and hear about PwC’s own investigation of Azure Stack for meeting its complex global business needs. You’ll benefit from straight talk with three technology leaders standing at the forefront of hybrid cloud transformations and application migrations. And you’ll leave better prepared to deliver public cloud service levels and cost models using Azure and Azure Stack. This session (#B12799) is being held on Tuesday, June 06 from 04:30 p.m. - 05:30 p.m. in Titian 2303.

See it in action
HPE Discover also offers a Demo that will show you exactly how Azure Stack is ideal for enterprises that want to deliver Azure cloud services for workloads with data sovereignty, security, compliance, performance or cost requirements not met by Azure public cloud. The session is titled “Deliver Azure-consistent services from your data center” and is available throughout the event during Transformation Zone Hours.

No Discover? No Problem.
If you can’t attend HPE Discover 2017, you can still get answers to all of your questions about Hybrid IT and Azure Stack on:

The HPE – PwC alliance web page
The HPE – Microsoft alliance web page

The point of Discover is to help you
HPE Discover is being held from June 6 – 8 in Las Vegas, NV. It is an amazing event that brings together everything you need to explore and select the best technology solutions for you in one place and at one time. Well worth attending. Complete information is available on the HPE Discover web site. And be sure to check out the complete list of nearly 500 sessions available on the Agenda Builder page.


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