IT Transformation made (almost) magical with HPE and SAP

By Cameron Foley

There’s no denying the need for IT transformation. It’s just not possible to thrive in the idea economy without a next-generation digital platform that helps you become more flexible, agile, efficient, and focused – all at the same time.

And the move toward digital transformation is well under way at many organizations. According to a new study by IDG Research Services, of the 100 IT and business professionals surveyed in May 2016, more than one-third (37 percent) say they have launched enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives.


But making this transformation takes more than my friend Natalia’s magic wand. She got a magic kit for her birthday one year and kept trying to transform her cat, Theophilus, into a bunny with the help of the kit’s black top hat. Every time she put the cat in and waved the magic wand, the cat came back out again. No transformation. No bunny. She’d usually try the trick three of four times without success, and then burst into tears and run off to hide – totally mortified - for the rest of the day,

I’ve talked with companies who can relate to Natalia in terms of unsuccessful transformations. And I’ve encouraged them to take a look at what Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SAP have to offer. No wand. No hat. (No tears, either). Just simplified, innovative joint solutions targeted at transforming to respond to real-world challenges.

The best of 2 industry leaders in 1
The “magic” in HPE and SAP solutions is their ability to bring you the best of 2 industry leaders to create the 1 next-generation digital platform you need to transform your business. From Infrastructure to services, HPE and SAP offer the most comprehensive portfolio of proven solutions across all S/4HANA and HANA deployment models, enabling you to:

  • Deliver real-time insights to uncover new business value
  • Provide an exceptional customer experience by optimizing business processes, services and applications
  • Reinvent business models and drive new revenues and profits to be more competitive
  • Reduce your data footprint, simplify your SAP environment and help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

With HPE and SAP, you don’t just adapt to today’s disruptive technologies, you capitalize on them. Like magic, you have what it takes to turn new ideas and business models into reality faster than ever before. Before you know it, you have transformed your business into an agile, highly-competitive digital enterprise that fully reflects your strategic business and IT priorities and naturally leads to success and growth. Poof! It’s almost that easy,

Proof of the “Poof”
HPE has assembled an impressive portfolio of documents that clearly show the impact of HPE – SAP solutions on IT transformation is much more that smoke and mirrors. It is very real. For your convenience, the documents can all be found at a single site: the “Accelerating Live Business with SAP and HPE” campaign page. There, you’ll find:

  • An IDC report titled “Making digital transformation a reality” states: ”Both HPE and SAP have extensive experience helping enterprises build and maintain IT infrastructures to support the business. This experience reaches across many industry sectors, and to organizations of all sizes. They are particularly well suited to help organizations on their path to digital transformation.”
  • A Gartner SAP HANA Support Plan that outlines their recommendations for selecting a SAP HANA platform
  • Three case studies that demonstrate real results in real-world situations
  • Five videos that show how well HPE – SAP solutions work and why

The page also features a Deployment Advisor Tool that show you which deployment model is right for you - Appliance, Tailored Data center and Cloud - depending on the unique needs of your organization.

Great site. Great solutions. A great alliance. Together, HPE and SAP create magic. No wonder the transformation results are outstanding. Check it out today.

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Cameron Foley is an ardent sales and marketing professional with experience in fast-paced, highly visible positions. She has held senior management positions in Sales as well as Corporate, Field and Partner Marketing. IBM, and VCE. Cameron is currently the Alliance Evanglelist for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) - SAP Strategic Alliance. She holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science from Franklin Pierce University of New Hampshire and a Digital Marketing Mini-MBA from Rutgers University in New Jersey.



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