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By Carl Shanahan

Attention independent software vendors (ISVs) and independent hardware vendors (IHVs). Hewlett Packard has just launched a partnering program that can help take your business farther, faster. Called the “HPE Partner Ready for Technology Partner Program,” this fresh, new partnering approach helps you grow your business by integrating your products with industry-leading HPE technology and then propelling our mutual technology into the right markets, with the right message, right now.

The JATO of IT

The Program reminds me a bit of the effects of JATO – Jet Assisted Take-Off – on a plane. I saw it in action once. A fully-loaded transport that would have required the full length of the runway to become airborne leaped into the air in seconds the minute the jet packs were activated. Talk about going farther, faster. Whoosh. Zoom. Wow. Check out this video of a similar take-off.   

The same thing that happens when you put the power of the HPE Partner Ready for Technology Partner Program to work for you. You accelerate revenue, expand your customer base, and grow market share very quickly indeed. Whoosh. Zoom. Wow. That’s because your partnership with HPE helps you: 

  • Make your offerings more technically robust by integrating them with HPE technologies.
  • Validate your offerings by testing them with appropriate HPE technologies.
  • Grow your business by taking advantage of the marketing and revenue enablement benefits of the program.

It’s all within easy reach

By partnering with HPE, you also gain access to an impressive array of industry-leading capabilities that can be quickly tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • A finely tuned partnering engine: We immediately integrate your team into our partnering organization by providing you with a variety of information, tools, and people.
  • Innovative, results-driven Technology: You can quickly enhance and verify your offerings on HPE technology with access to a wide variety HPE testing resources.
  • New markets: We help you share your products with the world. You can feature it in HPE events and conferences, display it with HPE partnership insignias, and more.
  • New customers: Work with us and leverage our influence in current customers and prospects to increase your revenue and market share.

Build a success-ready partnership

The Partner Ready for Technology Partner Program offers four partnering tiers. The concept is simple: the more you are willing and able to commit to mutual business success with

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the greater your access to a wide range of program benefits.

You move up the tiers as you meet the business requirements of the program.

The Program also offers a complete set of tools and resources to help you build the relationship and the joint technology solutions that are perfect for you:

  • Development tools and resources provide the products, API’s, SDK’s and help to develop the product integration you need
  • Testing resources are provided based on the HPE product teams you working with.  These resources can range from testing simulators, virtual / physical labs to loaner equipment and also the ability to purchase demo / test products from HPE.
  • Marketing expertise and involvement to expand the market for our joint solutions

Ready for take-off. Now.

HPE is ready to build a partnership if you are. Here’s how you can get started.

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