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In the cellar storage closet, no one can hear you scream


by Greg Chabot


The paper towels almost got me last week. I was pretty sure they’d had it in for me ever since I consigned them to the dark and somewhat dingy cellar storage closet. But what else was I to do? That was the only place they all fit. I had gone a bit overboard while shopping at the local discount warehouse. The price was unbeatable. And you can never buy too many paper towels, I thought. So I bought too many paper towels. Way too many. Even my wife says we’ll never use them all.

I went down to the closet to get a roll, reaching for one from a 24-pack on the top shelf that was already open. That’s when they all fell on me, knocking me over, blocking my path to the door. Trapped!  I’ll call out, I thought. Someone will hear and rescue me. But I had forgotten what my entire family knew:  in the cellar storage closet, no one can hear you scream.   

I did make it out on my own. But the whole experience got me thinking about capacity and use. Can you really strike a happy medium between how much is enough to buy so you don’t run out at the worst moment and how much you can really use on a day-to-day basis? You might think this is a weird thing to think about, but I bet you’ve never been trapped in a storage closet by malevolent paper towels.

That’s when I read about this Demo session (DEMO5630) at HP Discover Barcelona:  “Get connected with HP Flexible Capacity” and put it on my must-attend list. HP Flexible Capacity makes it possible for any organization to benefit from pay-per-use and instant scalability for their on-premise IT. Depending on business needs, the company can use server, storage, and networking resources onsite as well as the HP Helion public cloud. However, this IT-as-a-Service offer is paid monthly, based on actual metered usage. Basically, companies can set up the complete set of capabilities they project they’ll need, but pay only for what they use. What’s more, this IaaS approach usually qualifies as an operating expenditure, so it can be funded by OPEX funds, rather than CAPEX funds.  

This demo will show HP Flexible Capacity in action, plus new and expanded software options, as well as inclusion of the new HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA® in the Flexible Capacity program. If you’re considering SAP HANA, this session will outline a new way to acquire its big Data/analytics capabilities with limited up-front investment. Check out these resources for more information on HP Flexible Capacity and then come see it in action in Barcelona:

 Now if they could just make it available for people like me at the local discount warehouse store.  

Complete information about HP Discover Barcelona 2014 is available on the event site. Check out the session catalog for other sessions on HP - SAP solutions by entering the word “SAP” in the “Find content” search field.  

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