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Infrastructure as a Service – at your service for SAP HANA


By Hans-Ulrich Schaller


Somewhere, I’m, pretty sure, there are people who label their various chargers and adapters and power cords. When the parent device and its charger/adapter/cord/ etc. get separated from each other, as they always do, these people just sift through the pile (or mountain) of orphaned units until they find the correctly-labelled one and reunite it with its parent.

My family’s approach is a bit less scientific. It consists of plugging anything into anything else that fits. If it does not get hot enough to fry an egg on in 30 seconds, creates no visible smoke, and elicits no “what’s that awful burning smell” question from any family member, the improvised match is considered successful and often permanent.

A burning question
My family is well aware that our approach would not work well, if at all, in the enterprise space. In order to prevent chaos, every asset and sub-asset has to get along and work smoothly with everything else. So, unfortunately, when you combine business critical applications like the ones in the SAP Business Suite with the complexity of heterogeneous, multivendor environments, the results can be the corporate equivalent of my family’s burning smell question.

The answer, of course, is to make sure that everything does work with everything else – an approach that is easy to implement with Infrastructure as a Service based on the HP Converged Infrastructure.  Everything fits, everything gets along, everything works.  

aaahh. IaaS!
A new Technical White Paper from HP provides extensive details about this approach. It describes a solution blueprint with an IaaS Cloud infrastructure to provide complex SAP Business Suite applications under both traditional and SAP HANA in-memory engines as a Cloud service. Titled “HP IaaS recommended configuration for SAP Business Suite Applications with SAP HANA,” the document presents the details of a platform that delivers the ease of use and flexibility needed to minimize the effort to bring legacy platforms to SAP HANA performance levels and address future needs coming with SAP’s newest software generation S/4HANA. The configurations are based on HP servers, storage, networking and software.


HP - SAP IaaS.jpg

For customers who need maximum and dedicated database performance, the white paper also describes a high performance configuration optimized for SAP HANA bare metal deployments and SAP Business Suite Application based on virtualization layers. The configuration is designed to provide flexibility, consolidation and administrative simplicity in a mixed application environment. It also features a tiered performance configuration that can host multiple workloads of varying needs in a single environment reducing server and storage sprawl. The tiered approach provides a configuration that can easily be set up to manage complex workload mixes, keeping critical applications unaffected by random secondary workload surges or heavy report generation.

Oooooo. Great benefits
This solution improves time-to-market through flexible and reliable Cloud service for complex SAP application landscapes. It also  helps save money because of intelligent consolidation and automation techniques, which make it possible to dynamically manage changes in the landscape - all while keeping a close eye on the bottom line. Thanks to broadest infrastructure portfolio in the market, HP is able to deliver all infrastructure components necessary to build a holistic IaaS Cloud solution including services and support on a worldwide basis.

More information
For complete details, read the Technical White Paper. For more information on the entire HP Portfolio for SAP solutions, visit the HP – SAP HANA Alliance web site.  

Hans-Ulrich Schaller is the Global SAP Marketing lead in the HP Corporate Strategic Alliances team. This position is the latest in Hans-Ulrich’s 20-year global involvement with SAP. Throughout, he has demonstrated an impressive ability to make ideas happen, while creating outstanding and workable solutions for the global business-to-business marketplace. As a reference, he drove the global HP GTM for SAP HANA, making HP being first in the marketplace, while offering a globally consistent appliance experience. Hans-Ulrich holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Tuebingen (Germany) and a Doctorate in Science from the same institution.

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