Install Windows Server 2019 on HPE Servers easier than ever before with HPE SMB Setup Software!

With the Windows Server 2008 End of Support deadline quickly approaching (January 14, 2020), there are millions of servers that need to be updated to newer, supported, technology such as Windows Server 2019 on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers.

Pairing Windows Server 2019 with HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers gives organization a server solution that provides increased security features, improved efficiency, and new hybrid cloud options that were not available in previous generations of Windows Server.

HPE and Microsoft are delivering solutions to help simplify the server installation process to help make migrations easier.


HPE SMB Setup Software, formerly called Rapid Setup Software, provides a simple, guided process for Windows Server 2019 OS installation, setup and configuration on HPE ProLiant servers that takes much less time and reduces the chance for errors. As part of HPE Intelligent Provisioning 3.30, HPE SMB Setup Software is embedded with all HPE ProLiant 10, 100, and 300 series Gen10 servers.  

Accessing SMB Setup Software for Windows Server 2019 installations is easy:,

- Simply select Intelligent Provisioning when the server is booted (to get into Intelligent Provisioning the function key is F10)
Intelligent Provisioning.jpg

- Then, the End User License Agreement will appear. Read and accept the agreement.End User License Agreement.jpg

- The software will first detect any hardware RAID controller and hard drives installed on the servers and you will be guided through the hardware RAID and Server OS drive selection process.Raid and Server OS drive selection process.jpg

- After this selection process, a menu will display the option of selecting hardware configuration tools and OS software to install on the hard drive.Tools and OS Software.jpg

Simple, secure, and affordable...  deploy a modernized infrastructure, faster and with less risk with HPE SMB Setup Software.

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