Intelligent Edge Transforms Insight to Action

By Peter Koslowski

Insight is a definite plus. But to realize its true power and use it to its greatest advantage,  it is essential to find a way to transform insight into action. Otherwise, you risk duplication the frustrations of early adopters of the Edge solutions who could not find ways of managing exploding volumes of IoT data to make the promise of the “real-time enterprise” a reality.

Today, the Intelligent Edge is offering a breakthrough in advancing how Insight to Action platforms can be delivered. Industry leaders like HPE and SAP now make it possible to connect your “unconnected” enterprise assets, get access to data about them via sensors and persist the data right away at the Edge without sending it anywhere. 

This breakthrough next applies AI methods to turn this data into smart data, capturing significant business information such as predicting that your asset might have a failure. You can then combine multiple AI technologies including predictive analytics, machine learning or blockchain into one intelligent service workflow to generate the smartest data that delivers the new, game-changing category of Insight into your business. Then apply rules to turn your Insight into Action, making it a self-driven process! Visual for Peter K blog - 100917.jpg

These breakthroughs are all possible – and proven – using a solution built with SAP Leonardo software running on HPE Edgeline system. The approach combines OT-IT convergence, complex IoT data integration, analysis, application of intelligent business workflows and automated decision-making via a pipeline of intelligent services built with SAP’s Vflow Data Pipelines technology. The result dramatically simplifies the effort of building and deploying such a service down to minutes.  In addition, this is a solution that can be deployed and run anywhere across the extended enterprise: in private and public clouds, in on-premise data centers, in micro data centers and on edge node, leveraging open container and orchestration technologies.

 It also transforms your data management paradigm by taking the computation part to where your data resides, instead of querying and moving data to where compute takes place.

Complete information on SAP Leonardo and IoT is available here.  For more information on all of the powerful and innovative HPE – SAP solutions, please consult our alliance page


KOSLOWSKI.jpgPeter Koslowski, Big Data and IoT executive and global alliance manager, heads strategic technology partnership programs with SAP spanning SAP HANA and SAP LEONARDO. He oversees co-innovation and leads go-to-market initiatives globally, with 25 years of experience combining Cloud, Core and Edge, utilizing industry best practice methodologies including Agile and DevOps.


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