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Introducing HP Integrated Lights-Out Essentials (HP iLO Essentials)



HP Integrated Lights-Out (HP iLO) is at the heart of every HP ProLiant Gen8 Server.





HP iLO4, the latest generation of HP Integrated Lights-Out, and the HP iLO Management Engine is a suite of core lifecycle management features that will help customers manage their servers from provisioning, to monitoring, to diagnosing and support. iLO4 offers users many innovations for Gen8 including Agentless Management, Active Health System, and Embedded Remote Support.


Along with these iLO innovations, we are excited to introduce you to another modernization, HP iLO Essentials. HP iLO Essentials is a new license offering for remote server management that has been uniquely designed for small and medium business servers. By increasing efficiency, lowering operation costs, and improving IT support services, HP iLO Essentials provides SMB customers with Just Right IT peace of mind.


Simplified Server Setup

HP iLO Essentials provides increased efficiency through simplified server setup. HP iLO essentials allows customers to remotely deploy server operating systems from anywhere at any time.  Virtual Keyboard, Video, and Mouse, Virtual Media, and Virtual Folders, allows server administrators to set up the server’s image and load OS from remote locations, without the need for on-site IT staff.


Lowered Operation Costs

HP iLO Essential’s simplified server setup, which allows for remote server setup, is one way HP iLO Essentials can save customers time and money. In addition, with iLO Essentials, customers can remotely manage and trouble shoot servers from anywhere at any time, from their desk or on the go via the iLO Mobile app, so there is no on-site IT staff required.


Integrated Remote Console gives IT staff the ability to interact directly with the server OS or post-OS environment remotely. This feature allows users to perform IT maintenance and support outside of production hours, so as not to delay normal business operations.


Improved IT Support Services

HP iLO Essentials allows customers to know about all changes and server events as or before they happen. This allows IT staff the ability to improve service and provide a faster resolution time. Email Based Alerting is just one feature that helps customers stay apprised of server events. With this alerting, customers have peace of mind knowing HP is proactively monitoring their server and will efficiently initiate remote or on-site support if needed.


HP iLO Essentials is the key to unlocking remote management for small and medium business servers. This market segment iLO license is available on all HP ProLiant Gen8 e-series platforms, making this an ideal solution for small business owners looking for Just Right IT. Learn more about HP iLO Essentials and ProLiant Gen8 Servers.


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