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By Duncan Campbell

If you want to make IoT an integral and profitable part of your business model, then I encourage you to attend the “IoT partnerships, it takes a village” session next Wednesday, November 30, in London as part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) EMEA Discover Customer event. I’ll show you exactly why the journey to IoT success is best done via a multivendor, multi-partner approach. We’ll then discuss how to make it all happen with the HPE Partner Ready Program IoT Initiative. I’m sure you’ll come away convinced that a complementary partnership with HPE is exactly what it takes to accelerate your IoT success.

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Why partner?
There are many things that may be better done alone. A cabinet-maker friend of mine always said he could build the best cabinetry all by himself. No help needed. And I believed him because everything he created was amazing. But one day, he decided he didn’t need any help with that addition he was building on his house. Foundation, plumbing, electrical work – he really believed he could do it alI. After a few weeks of trying to level sloping floors and dealing with sparks flying from electrical outlets and water running where it shouldn’t be, he admitted that partnering might be a better approach in this case. And it’s amazing how quickly that addition got done … and got done right … after he brought in people who complemented his skills.

Same thing applies to IoT. You could possibly go it alone, but why would you want to when the HPE Partner Ready Program IoT Initiative can get it done a lot faster and easier?

Take whatever it takes
The HPE Partner Ready IoT Ecosystem Initiative is designed specifically to develop IoT solutions that deliver proven benefits for our partners who provide expert capabilities within and to the IoT Ecosystem solution stack. You pick and choose the capabilities that complement your own.

  • Want to leverage HPE portfolio, solutions, and resources? You got ‘em
  • Looking for Reference Architectures, POC development and a global market presence to get the out the door? It’s all yours.
  • Need the expert advice and support of OEM, Service Providers and consulting partners for IoT? They’re all members of the HPE Partner Ready IoT Ecosystem … just like you. So you can call on them whenever you want.

HPE IoT is partner-ready, partner-friendly, partner-dependent—and ready to help you take off. Use the Ecosystem to help you streamline IoT engagements, whether new or already underway. Achieve targeted business outcomes and desired results better, faster, and more confidently. And for most companies, that’s way better than going it alone.

All it takes is for you to attend
Come to the “IoT partnerships, it takes a village” session and see first-hand how IoT is the ecosystem of ecosystems that provides exciting growth opportunities. And find out how it all works best when aligned to Industry verticals and use cases. Specific topics include:

  • Onboarding—The Partner Ready IoT Ecosystem offers a streamlined start up with fast access to equipment SDKs and tools. You also can participate in onboarding training and be connected to the IoT community and self-service tools.
  • Testing and development— Accelerate development of solutions through extensive support and alignment to roadmaps that have proven their worth in the development of IoT. Utilize regional IoT Innovation Labs and reference architectures to ensure optimum solution configuration and performance.
  • Operations and support—HPE will assist you with end-to-end SLA and support models. We will also support you through enablement for demos and proofs-of-concept. HPE Financial Services also makes available a complete range of flexible financing options to make our joint solutions even more attractive to you and your customers.
  • Sales and marketing—The Partner Ready IoT Ecosystem helps you promote your IoT initiatives with visibility on We will provide and share a brand new approach called the IoT Partner Hub for you to get more sales opportunities for IoT.

Here’s the information you need to attend:

WHEN: Wednesday, November 30 at 12:30 p.m.
WHERE: Capital Suite, Room #3

Does it work? You bet it does!
Of course you want proof that the Partner Ready IoT Ecosystem does what I say it does. So here you go. Take a look at this Industrial IoT video from Flowserve. It shows how Flowserve is collaborating with HPE, PTC, and National Instruments, to implement an IoT solution that increases business efficiency and reduces unplanned downtime in the manufacturing industry through edge computing solutions.

Ready for IoT? HPE Discover is ready for you
HPE Discover will offer over 70 sessions focused entirely or primarily on IoT. If the IoT is where you want to go, HPE Discover is where you need to be. To check out all the sessions, simply enter “IoT” in the search field of the HPE Discover Content Catalog page.

Looking forward to see you in London!

Can't make it to the event?  No worries. We'll bring great information about the Partner Ready IoT Ecosystem to you. Just go to the HPE IoT web site.. 

Duncan Campbell
HPE IoT Ecosystem Program Manager

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