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By Greg Chabot

I found that there are TMI-ers everywhere in my life. The worst ones are the supermarket acquaintances. They’re on the same shopping schedule, so I see them every time I stop in for eggs and milk and that yummy French Canadian pork spread that’s so good on toast in the morning. I know them somehow – not quite sure how – so I can’t not acknowledge them. But when I do, it unleashes a non-stop flow of TMI that ranges from details about a 19th century Russian composer that’s far superior to Modest Mussorgsky, a running commentary on the process for fixing a balky limited slip differential, and a great recipe for peanut butter something (BTW - I hate peanut butter anything). My eyes glaze over. I start to sweat and get so flustered that I leave the store with a jar of Nutella, a one-pound package of chicken livers, and a sheet cake that has “Happy Birthday, Marcello” written all over it … and without the eggs, milk, and yummy pork spread.

So I can begin to understand the challenge facing organizations of all types and sizes today. Having solid information is great. It can help execs make the right decisions, ensure a profitable present and build an even more impressive future.  But today’s tools make it possible to collect so much information that the quantity can get in the way of quality. And companies can end up with the corporate equivalent of leaving the store with Nutella, chicken livers and the sheet cake that Marcello’s loved ones ordered.      

That’s why I was drawn to the session titled “How to make Big Data work for you: Faster results with Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS)” in the HP Discover Barcelona session catalog. This breakout session starts with the reality that data volumes are growing fast in both quantity and type. Companies must now deal with structured, unstructured, internal, and external data - from social media and mobile devices. They must also learn to deal with the fact that devices around us are gaining the capacity to listen to us, respond to us, understand us and act on our behalf in what is called ambient intelligence.

This session defines the journey to creating a platform for true ambient intelligence, from Machine Learning to Predictive Analytics through the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS). How can all this data be used to make better decisions? How can a business user get access to petabytes of data in real time to make the right decision?

The answers are bound to inform and fascinate. So I will attend … and see if I can also apply the great things I am bound to learn to my trips to the supermarket and the TMI acquaintances I meet.  The session is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM in Room B07, Hall 8.0.

Complete information about HP Discover Barcelona 2014 is available on the event site. Check out the session catalog for other sessions on HP – Microsoft solutions by entering the word “Microsoft” in the “Find content” search field.  
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