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Is there anything really new about the New Style of Business?


By Greg Chabot


I am always leery when I see the word “new” attached to anything.  I feel it’s a bit like the “Breaking News” crawl or graphic that all channels seem to use these days. Is it really “breaking” or is it hype?  I expect to see Congress’ rejection of the League of Nations or the announcement of Millard Fillmore’s election victory run under the “Breaking News” banner on some channel one of these days.

So I can understand people looking a bit askance at the “New Style of Business” (NSoB) term that is now coming into vogue. Is it really “new” or is it hype? 

The times, they are a-revolutionizing
You can find the answer by comparing the current state of any industry to what is was ten, five or even just one year ago. Whether you’re selling pizza, providing transportation, running a retail operation, taking care of the sick and elderly, educating students, or manufacturing widgets to wonder drugs, the changes you’ve had to deal with have been both sweeping and rapid. In today’s environment you need:

  • The agility to capitalize on new opportunities  
  • Solid and comprehensive data to support informed decision-making
  • The ability to keep costs under control and enhance quality, allowing you to better compete and win
  • The wisdom to know the difference between the risk-taking that drives success and the  reckless speculation that leads to ruin
  • The commitment and infrastructure to make customers #1, not just in word, but also in deed. If you don’t, they’ll find someone who will … and fast
  • The structure that supports constant evolution, because change is not slowing or stopping

Most of all, you need the ability to act with unprecedented speed. The old adage, “He who hesitates is lost” has taken on a new urgency.  Staying with the old or current style of business is not an option. To appreciate the truth of statement, just take a look at companies who decided to stay as they were and “wait it out” over the past decade.  It might be a bit hard to do since so many disappeared completely – poof! - as they waited. Moving to the “New Style of Business” is a must.

What do I change? Where do I go? Who can help?
ta_infographic_full.jpgIf your business is looking to make the move, there are specific steps you can take to ensure that make sure the changes you implement are the ones that will have the greatest positive impact on your operations and deliver the best results.  HP has identified 4 Transformation Areas that will position you well to transform any business from old style to new style, regardless of the starting point. The areas are:

  1. Transformation to a hybrid infrastructure, allowing you to get better value from your existing infrastructure, while you also create new value quickly and continuously from all your apps. You deliver exactly what your customers want and need before it’s even a gleam in the competition’s eyes
  2. Protect your digital enterprise, making security and data privacy an inherent part of your operations, rather than an add-on or after-thought. This is the best way to deal with the growing number and variety of threats  
  3. Empower a data-driven organization, making it easy for you to get the most from the unprecedented amount of information now at your disposal. Identify and use the best of this data to become even more competitive
  4. Enable workplace productivity by providing your employees and partners with the information they need to act wherever and whenever they need it

Teaming up to bring you the best in the industry
Because HP understands how important this transformation is for you, we have asked our strategic alliance partners to work with us once again to bring you outstanding solutions. The result is a portfolio of top-performing transformative solutions – virtualization from VMware, mobility from Citrix, business intelligence/analytics from SAP and Microsoft, plus expert strategic assistance from Deloitte, Accenture, PwC and more.  

Our strategic alliances are decades-long partnerships that ensure you get not only the “new” in the News Style of Business, but also the best.

I’ll be discussing each of the four Transformation Areas in greater depth in upcoming blogs and also outlining the solutions HP and our alliance partners can provide to make your transition to the New Style of Business fast, smooth, and seamless.  If you’d like more information on these areas now, check out the Enterprise Solutions page on

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