It’s almost like having your own personal HPE Discover tour guide

 HPE Discover 2018 will be here in about a month – June 19 -21 in Las Vegas, NV. So now is the time to make your plans to get the most from this great event. If you’re like most attendees, you check out the keynotes, general sessions, entertainment, etc. to see which are of most interest to you. You probably also go through the Course Catalog/Agenda Builder to select - and sign up for - the sessions you want. That’s an excellent move because popular sessions fill up fast.  Signing up now helps ensure you don’t get left out. 

 But here’s a strategy that may not be as obvious, and can deliver amazing results: get yourself a personal HPE Discover tour guide.  vegas with text.jpg

 Expensive? Nope, doesn’t cost a thing. 

Hard to find? Quite the opposite. Very easy if you know where to look. 

All you have to do is work with your HPE Authorized Reseller before and during the event. You’ll see what a difference a bit of personalized guidance can make. 

What makes THEM so special?

Your HPE Authorized Reseller occupies a unique position when it comes to maximizing the results you can get from HPE Discover for three basic reasons: 

  • They know you. They have taken the time to understand where you are and where you want to go, both in terms of your IT environment and your business. They know your goals, obstacles, plans, challenges, and more.
  • They know what HPE can offer. They have an in-depth knowledge of the HPE portfolio, of course. But are also very familiar with the HPE experts who created the portfolio and make each product and service tick. They also know the full range of solutions available that address multiple aspects of the needs you are trying to address
  • They are masters at putting #1 and #2 together so it all adds up to exactly what you want and need.

 Because of their very special knowledge and skills, they can save you time by putting together the right solution for you in – well – no time. 

What’s so special about HPE Discover 

w looking at phone - outside.jpgThis event can be a super-highway to success because it brings together everything you need to make a decision in one place, at one time. Think about it. In three short days, you can:

  • Learn all about a complete range of HPE solutions
  • Talk 1:1 to experts who can help you decide which solution is the right one for you
  • See how the solution actually works in DEMOS that are held throughout the show floor 

In some cases, you can even speak with other customers about their experience with the solution and the results they were able to generate. 

Your reseller. Your guide.

Your reseller is ready and definitely able to help you navigate the show and all it has to offer to make sure the expectations you had on Day 1 are all met at the end of Day 3. Give them a call and engage them now. 

Complete information about HPE Discover and access to the Course Catalog/Agenda Builder are available on the HPE Discover site.

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