It takes more than a person to deliver truly personalized service

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By Drew Denkhaus

One of my neighbors tells wonderful stories about his great aunt, Nettie. Here’s one that shows how delivering personalized service can’t stop at just putting a person in front of customers or users.

 Seems one of the high points of Great Aunt Nettie’s year was the volunteer work she did for the town’s local arts festival. She loved to take care of the information booth where out-of- towners would go to ask for directions. Unfortunately, great aunt Nettie wasn’t very good at directions. And she couldn’t read a map to save her soul … all of which meant that out-of-towners often ended up nowhere near their desired destination.    

So while having a friendly great aunt Nettie out there is a start, a lot more has to happen to get to the real “personalized” service level.

Great Aunt Nettie on steroids  

With this in mind, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company, and PwC have created joint Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that help companies deliver personalized service—and enhance revenue—by providing persons with the anywhere, anytime access they need to the deliver what each individual served needs and wants.

If you are attending HPE Discover 2016 in Las Vegas from June 7 – 9, you can see these solutions in action at the PwC booth (#201). Stop by. It’s definitely worth a look.  

Earning Great Aunt Nattie’s seal of approval

The team at the PwC booth will talk with you about how the Aruba networking technology can be applied to improve both customers’ and employees’ experiences, with examples relevant to your industry. 

For example, perhaps you’re in healthcare.  Have you explored how mobility solutions such as those made possible with Aruba can help improve the quality of care?  A mobile-first experience provides point of care decision support and fully supports patient engagement, improving the patient experience, workplace productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

Maybe you’re in retail.  PwC and HPE retail solutions redefine the brick and mortar experience by delivering smart connectivity for the customer experience.  Leverage the advancements made possible with mobility technology to advance your position with your customers and in the marketplace.

Leverage HPE’s set of Aruba next-generation networking solutions for enterprises.  Benefit from the focus on the customer and innovation.  HPE’s Aruba products and services lead the industry in a wide array of offerings:

  • Wireless access points
  • Mobility Controllers
  • Data Center Networking
  • Access Management Solutions
  • Mobile Engagement

PwC leverages these innovative technologies, combining them with the firm’s deep industry insights to drive digital strategies that succeed amid rapid change.  Adopters of these joint PwC and HPE solutions can achieve a clear and convincing edge in the marketplace. Use the joint solutions to, for example, improve network security, achieve remote access control, provide customers way-finding and turn-by-turn navigation assistance, and enable device connectivity, interoperability, management and tracking.  

Together, PwC and HPE combine deep industry insight and technological leadership to:       

  • Pioneer innovative network solutions, tailor-made to your industry and to the demands of the future
  • Drive business-led transformation using emerging technologies
  • Deliver improved financial performance and maximize return on technology investments.
  • Impress the heck out of Great Aunt Nettie.

Be sure to visit the demo on these great IoT solutions at Discover. Doing so will go a long way to make your Discover experience a successful one. More information on these solutions is also available by contacting

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