Jetsons’ approval assured - HPE CollaborateCube at Microsoft Envision


by Dana Nyyssela

OK, I know it sounds unscientific. But it works.  If I want to figure out whether some futuristic technology or solution is going to make it or not, I ask myself if it’s something the Jetsons would use.  You know – George, Jane, their boy Elroy, etc. A “Yes” answer means the technology/solution is destined for success. A “No” answer definitely puts a positive outcome in doubt.

Well, here’s one I think would have the whole family’s approval and would even have Astro’s tail wagging. It’s this amazing CollaborateCube that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will have on display – and that attendees will be able to experience - at Microsoft Envision that will be held next week (April 4 – 6) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Physical. Digital. Smart.

CollaborateCube is an HPE Intelligent Spaces solution experience demonstration that shows how physical spaces can be made more intelligent and productive by bringing together physical objects, digital context and intelligent workflow. At Envision, it will be an actual cube that houses the demo.

Your mobile device is the most personal device you have and in the demonstration they are used as a proxy for both users’ identity and their location. Using some preconfigured mobile devices and by submitting a few details, users can easily participate in the experience which is seamlessly personalized to them.

Then, the users enter the space one by one and the magic begins.

Partner power

CollaborateCube is an excellent example of how HPE works with its strategic alliance partners to create impressive, Jetsons-approvable solutions. In this case, the solution is made possible by the following HPE and partner technologies, which have been integrated for the first time in this way.

  • HPE Aruba 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless
  • HPE Aruba Meridian mobile apps and beacons
  • Citrix Octoblu IoT orchestration engine
  • Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Office 365

So back to the demo.  As users enter the room, their presence is detected by the Aruba BLE beacon inside the room. Using Aruba Meridian, signals are sent to the Citrix Octoblu IoT orchestration engine to start some context aware workflows, which change external digital signage to “Room in use” and adds the name of the person who has entered the room. The user is welcomed by Windows 10 Cortana with a personalized greeting before kicking off a series of automated, context aware workflows which transform how digital and physical collaboration intersect.

The space car turns into a briefcase?

The experience this gives is amazing. Not quite as impressive as George’s space car morphing into a briefcase, but pretty eye-popping nonetheless.  It starts with …. Ah, but I’d be giving it all away, if I told you that, wouldn’t I?  And experiencing CollaborateCube in person is so much better than reading about it in a blog. So come join HPE at Microsoft Envision and see what the real future – versus the Jetsons cartoon version –of collaboration looks like.

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