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Guest Blogger: Evelyn Zabo

Sure things are hard to find these days. Not so with cloud opportunities. HPE has identified three can’t miss areas where opportunity reigns.  And thanks to HPE’s acquisition of companies like Cloud Technology Partners group of 6 at computers - June 2019.jpg(CTP) and their specialized expertise, we can help you pursue and win these opportunities whether they are for public or hybrid cloud. Stop by HPE Booth 2127 at Microsoft Inspire to learn more. 

Here’s the list of our cloud triple threats:

1. Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 End of Support (EOS) – As of this writing, support for SQL Server 2008 has already ended (July 9, 2019). Support for Windows Server 2008 ends on January 14, 2020. Many customers are still in the process of updating / modernizing their environments in response … and many are considering what a full or partial migration to the cloud could do for them. Remember, the cloud was still in its infancy back when both of these products were introduced. It’s hard to imagine how a modernization initiative today would not include the cloud.

HPE Pointnext Service can make a migration to the cloud fast, predictable and confident by everaging our Application Migration Plan for Cloud and HPE Right Mix Advisor (RMA). RMA is built on experience from over one thousand hybrid cloud engagements, best practices from Cloud Technology Partners and RedPixie, and automated discovery capabilities from iQuate. HPE Poinjtnext experts work with your customer’s IT team to analyze the data using RMA's proprietary tooling and placement algorithms. The result is an objective, data-driven recommendation of the right workload placement strategy – public cloud, private cloud, on-prem or hybrid. The process also provides a phased plan for implementation, and the expertise to make it happen … not in years or months but typically in weeks.

HPE already has campaigns aimed at these opportunities going on now. And because we have a predominance of Windows and SQL environments, we’re in the best position to work with you to guide your customers and your customers on their journey to the cloud. 

2. ISVs – Typically, these applications providers have worked with their own data centers / platforms. In many cases, however, the aging process makes them unable to support new growth or provide options that will allow the ISV to expand. On the other hand, moving to the cloud and adoption an “as-a-service” approach makes their technology capacity unlimited and can drive unrestrained growth. A move to the cloud also allows them to:

  • Focus on their business
  • Move away from the technology aspects of maintaining their applications in the data center
  • Work towards having additional capabilities and flexibility that come with being globally available via Azure Cloud.

3. Large enterprises – Because of the size and complexity of their environments, many large enterprises have difficulty determining how to start their cloud journey. Services from HPE Pointnext with CTP expertise can create a digital transformation plan to provide these customers with the security and flexibility they need to make and confident and orderly move to the cloud. Specifically, HPE Right Mix Advisor can look at the entirety of their applications / workflows and determine the best candidates for migration – the ones that create the largest incentive to move to the public cloud, while causing no concern around security or cost. Note that this process does not require a long consulting engagement. Instead, it happens in a series of quick steps that get the customer to the cloud, while always keeping an eye on cost control and security. We can also assist in many ancillary areas such as re-skilling current staff and minimizing disruption within the enterprise.

Over the past few years, we have worked closely with Microsoft and other partnering organizations to help large enterprise accounts successfully complete their journey to the cloud. We are confident that we can do the HPE_Green_Cube_v2_5760x3840px.jpgsame in partnership with you. We can also continue to provide assistance after cloud adoption with valuable services such as Managed Continuous Cost Control and Managed Continuous Compliance.

HPE Azure and Azure Stack experts will be at HPE Booth 2127 at Microsoft Inspire to discuss how you can profit from these and other opportunities. You can also get more information by attending these presentations:

  • HPE GreenLake for Azure and Azure Stack. Monday, July 15, 11:00 a.m.; Tuesday, July 16, 10:00 a.m.; and Wednesday, July 17, 3:30 p.m. Session ID HPES04 at HPE Booth 2127.
  • Demo Showcase area at HPE Booth #2127. One area is dedicated to igniting innovation with hybrid cloud. There, you’ll see a demonstration of HPE Hybrid Cloud with ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, HPE Pointnext Services Hybrid cloud, GreenLake and Right Mix Advisor. Also at HPE Booth 2127
  • The HPE Microsoft Partner Panel and Luncheon on Wednesday, July 17 from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. at the Border Grill. This one-of-a-kind discussion features experts from HPE, Microsoft and other partners who will provide instructions on how to implement a successful cloud transformation strategy that includes Right Mic Advisor and that provides the choice, speed, and flexibility your customers need to create, innovate and thrive.

I also encourage both Inspire attendees and non-attendees to visit the HPE Pointnext Cloud Services site to see all the services and solutions we offer for the cloud. 

Evelyn Zabo works for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and supports the Microsoft Global Alliance.  She has expertise in developing and managing a broad portfolio of technology and strategic initiatives with typically 100-person geographically diverse, international teams.  Evelyn  attended Oregon State University as a Business Administration major with a Computer Science minor.  She currently resides in the Portland area.



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