Key Benefits of Virtualization

Server virtualization makes more efficient use of your computing resources. Did we catch your attention?! Yes, it is true… your small and medium business (SMB) can greatly benefit from virtualization.

How? Well, virtualization significantly reduces capital and operational expenditure costs with automation, requires less hardware (and related expenses, including maintenance and utilities), and increases staff productivity business-wide thanks to simplified management options. In addition, virtualization significantly reduces downtime and provides higher service quality than non-virtualized environments. 

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Now, let’s take a deeper dive into virtualization and how it delivers all of these benefits.

Did you know that most servers use only a small amount of their processing power and, according to Forrester data, approximately 16 machines can run on a single server? By virtualizing and consolidating several machines onto one server—running multiple virtualized environments—you can save valuable physical space. And, thanks to virtualization, you won’t have to worry about overcrowded datacenters which create increased heat and the need for more power. By virtualizing your infrastructure, you reduce the number of physical servers required which means reduced energy costs for power and cooling.

Not sold on virtualization yet? Here’s another advantage: virtualization simplifies resources and management centralization, making it easier for security and required updates. Taking advantage of virtualization allows you to focus on other important matters—such as the continuation of innovation for your business—as virtualizing saves you time on maintenance and can save you money.

Here are four ways your business can save money by virtualizing:

  • Business agility- Quickly and easily deploy a new business application or database without having to acquire additional hardware
  • Operating efficiency- Cut back on energy, save space, and rapidly respond to requests for flexible compute to address peak demand
  • Business continuity- Failover applications in minutes or hours vs. days. Take a “snapshot” of a virtual machine (VM) keeps business downtime to a minimum
  • Accelerated innovation- Save money on hardware, software, and maintenance, and invest in innovation to create differentiation for your company

Ready to virtualize your IT infrastructure? HPE Flex-Bundles for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 Hyper-V provide a robust, scalable, easy-to-use virtualization solution that is quick to deploy and easy to manage for even the most demanding workloads. This scalable and feature-rich platform will help your business realize considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies.

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