Kick Off 2017 With the (Flex) Solutions Your Customers Want


Guest blog by SanSan Strozier

The business media has declared 2017 the year of “Digital Transformation.” It's about time. Here at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we called it; we've been talking about the importance of digital transformation since the company was formed.

Now that the idea has hit its stride, we're ready with tested and proven solutions for your customers’ 2017 digital transformation “wish lists.” 2017-02-07 CC Guest blog image.jpg

What are your customers going to be looking for this year? The big trends that fall under the digital-transformation umbrella include:

Adaptability: The market moves fast, and customers will be looking for technology that helps them adapt quickly and can be deployed quickly—without upsetting regular operations.

User experience (UX): A great UX engages customers and helps employees do their jobs more efficiently. Technology needs to provide a superior user experience that removes friction and enhances interactions.

The “work-anywhere workplace”: Today's workforce expects to be able to work from anywhere at any time, so IT plans must support mobility.

Big data and analytics: Big data just keeps getting bigger, but few companies are managing it as well as they could. Competitive advantage calls for technology that can help harness this data deluge.

HPE Flex Solutions are based on HPE ProLiant servers, powered by Intel®. They give small, midsized, and, in some cases, enterprise customers the power to achieve these digital-transformation goals with complete yet highly customizable solutions for:

When your customers are talking about digital transformation, position HPE Flex Solutions to seal the deal. Find out more.


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